I've been scraping up professional attire from the bottom of the clearance barrel at the outlet store again. On this one, I think I am behaving reasonably, but enough people have warned me about it that I want to get more feedback.

Right now, I live in shallowest suburbia. I want to get out of here, back to my career, back to a place I fit in, back to a life I see as mine and back to being me. There are quite a few steps I have to take before being ready to pull up stakes, including getting in position to apply for jobs. But I'm buying clothes for that someday. Why?

  1. Motivation: seeing the "office apparel" in my closet makes this jump seem inevitable.
  2. Time/money balance. A Laundry sweater in my preferred fabric for under $15, a Nic and Zoe tank and that silk tank top for under $20 each? These prices don't happen often--gotta catch 'em now, 'cause when "it" happens, I won't have time to shop around.
  3. Fit. The things I'm buying aren't extreme (imo) in any way. I can't imagine a job/city where they'd stick out. And I can't picture me fitting in at a job where these items were out of line.

Am I making sense?

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