Today's blog post was perfectly timed with my planning on posting my second fall formula with culottes. The focus of the formula is combining the (higher rise) culottes with short/cropped tops for extra focus on the waist. The tops can be either woven or knitwear. The cropped sweaters can be boxy or have a welt, and the same is true for shorter blouses. I also like adding a fitted turtleneck under some short sleeved boxy cropped tops for extra warmth and textural interest. A (shorter) topper can be added for outdoors, with the intention of taking it off inside. This is the opposite of my first formula, where the point was to keep the bomber jacket inside as a focal point - here the focal points are the tops. Some inspirational outfits are in photos #1-#5. Photo #2 shows an interesting way to fake a cropped top by tucking in a looser knit and blousing it.

I have significantly more cropped sweaters than wovens, thus the majority of my outfits here are with sweaters. Like before, I have styled each of the four pairs of my culottes (the sailor ones still need to be shortened 2") with three different cropped tops. The outfits are:

Dark denim sailor culottes with:
#6 - boxy navy/burgundy windowpane sweater (inspired by #1)
#7- fake cropped striped navy/cream sweater (inspired by #2)
#8- cropped white short sleeved sweatshirt (inspired by #3)

Shorter medium blue denim culottes with:
#9 - cropped burgundy plaid ponte top
#10 - short ruffle back navy sweater
#11 - short sleeved side-laced berry sweater

Pinstripe black denim super high rise culottes with:
#12 - short black lace turtleneck blouse with gathered hem
#13- short red welted sweater
#14 - boxy cropped white shirt layered over black turtleneck

Tweed culottes with:
#15 - short plum mohair sweater
#16 - cropped boxy light blue turtleneck sweater
#17 - short sleeved boxy cropped ponte top layered over black lace turtleneck

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