It looks good and I understand what you're doing. I think.

This type of thing doesn't work so well for me, probably because I'm more of a uninform dresser and wear skinny jeans most days.

The skinny jeans are really the only "glue" I need.

But if you have a more complicated wardrobe, I can see how you would need to put more thought into your essentials.

YES. That makes sense. WELL DONE.

Smittie: Even though I put a lot of work into organizing this to give me versatility, I repeat a lot. Skinny jeans and chunky sweaters are my uniform for cold work from home days.

Angie: Thank you!

Would you please come over to my house and fold and hang and photograph my clothes so they looked so much nicer , as yours do here ?

In all seriousness , I'm very impressed . I only wish I had a quiet empty room in which to sort stuff out like this too . I rebel quite strongly against planning and thinking about wardrobing , for a few reasons . But it's so painfully obvious that the work manifests itself in a useful working closet . Why am I so resistant to this ?

Lisa, I would be happy to visit you and photograph your July! I've been to Canada in January before and it was the coldest I've ever been in my life!

I hope you are able to devise a strategy that works for you. I actually think doing a little planning up front has freed me to be much more intuitive and impulsive (in a good way) with purchases.

I can see how that would be a side benefit - the freeing up part . And July is as bad as January . It's so hot it's ridiculous . We are a country of extremes , that's for sure Anyways - between you and Shedev , I'm newly inspired and even a tad invigorated by the ideas .

Love this post!

I do sometimes get the terminology mixed up but still keep on moving forward with it.
I think one can start with even generic lists as well as actual pieces. For example, for me , "work pants " is clearly one! But then the further test is, which styles or silhouettes do I reach for. It can be this simple at first because for other people, dresses or skirts might be there.

Yours is great because if how you've thought it through.

What has been helping me is thinking of what are my existing essentials vs what items SHOULD be present, that is , do I have ENOUGH "glue" or what; for example, did I have to give up something due to wear or fit and its absence is making it harder to create outfits.
And also, your review of Angie's list is a great reminder that these have to be kept current.
For me, " current" can mean "modern," with a definite style twist or evolution, but also can be just, does it have perfect fit and flattery and comfort so that it does function as an essential ( maybe a new brand or size fits better or fabric is more comfortable ).

Thus ask helps focus my shopping list. I find sometimes I might buy something random when really I need to focus on a new essential -usually this is when somehow I'm not happy with the fit-- pulling or creasing or too short or something- so it's hanging there but not working for me.

Anyway this is helpful for my wardrobe edit because having " enough" of these, but also not unnecessary dupes, helps me see where to go.

NOW, you have to pick your essentials and form a separate list.