I'm in...

1. Straight leg dark wash Jean
2. Mariner T
3. Chelsea boot
4. Pencil skirt
5. Leather moto
6. Pointy toe flat
7. trench coat
8. leather tote
9. Turtleneck sweater
10. Jean jacket

These are awesome list ladies. Some I am nodding along with and others I find I am learning something new about your style. Quite exciting. I am going to bookmark this post as the responses will be great to reference when looking at your outfits and also considering new purchases.

My list has changed a bit over the past couple of months:

1. Black skinny jeans
2. Patterned blouse
3. Pointy toed flats
4. Boot cut jeans
5. Brown mid-calf boots
6. Black v-neck tee
7. Raincoat (tis the season)
8. Oversized cardigan

straight legged pants
pencil skirt
riding boots (no zips)
Equipment silk signature blouse
Cashmere pullover
Dark skinny jeans
Tee shirt
pointy pump
V neck long sleeve merino or cashmere sweater

Deborah - Thanks for this great post. A great resource for reflection and learning from others. Nice job.

Here's my cool/cold weather version, leaving out coats and underlayers:

Dark wash skinny jeans

Black, navy, or grey skinny pants

Patterned pencil skirt

A line skirt

Bright colored fit and flare dress

White blazer or tux jacket

Button front shirt, white or striped

Pull over sweater

Long chunky cardigan

Moto jacket

Grey leather booties

Black wedges

I found this really difficult. I didn't want to do GROUPS of items, as some have done, I wanted to figure out what my top 10 actual articles are. I live in a 4 (or 6) season climate, so my summer clothes are drastically different from my winter. And I work full time, so have work as well as casual clothes.
Do I pick my favourites? The ones I wear the most? The ones I feel are most "me"?

In the end, I decided to go with a bit of a combo, but primarily things that are foundational. For the winter. Not necessarily style defining in themselves, but allow me to wear my statement pieces. And ironically, this ended up being quite a nice little weekend capsule!

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My list includes
skinny jeans
or pull over sweate

black leather booties
black wedges
black watch
black skirt
red coat

This is tough; I don't think I can keep it to 8. My list might've included jeans but with weight being up these days, I'm making do just fine without them.... otherwise, I think I may be too general here?

1. Black dress
Depending on season & occasion, this could be a maxi dress (summer), elbow length (fall), sweater dress (winter).... so not just one dress would do, but a black dress always stars as an essential no matter what season.

2. Black ponte knit 5-pocket skinnies

3. Black low-heeled/flat ankle booties

4. White top
Like the black dress, this could be a basic cotton or linen tee, or a dressy blouse with long sleeves or a silk shell, but I need a season- and occasion-appropriate white top in my closet at all times.

5. Fabulous coat
Cannot be an "afterthought" ... a fun color, something different than black. Puffers are my go-to right now, my nod to the super lux trend. In Spring this would be my trench.

6. My personal "It" bag
Each season I need a go-to bag that pulls it all together... for fall/winter it was cognac. Last spring it was blush pink. This spring/summer it may be a white backpack....

7. Not-boring Topper
The third piece is critical: Right now I am loving cascading cardigans. I was off them for awhile. I'm thinking here of ink blue cardigan, and longer /lighterweight black theory cardigan. Or it could be Jean jacket for warmer months... leather for cooler months.... or it could be a blazer though I have been off my blazers for awhile...

8. Scarf
Keeps me warm, and adds a pop of color/interest... especially if you are resigning me to only 8 items!!!!

I had put together my essential top ten a while back on my blog.

Here's the link.


I think it is very helpful to review what one's essential items are, and the reasons why.

Okay, I've been kind of intimidated by this question, but I'm going to try:
These are my real, non-aspirational, cool weather essential 8:

1. darkish straight leg blue jeans
2. black skinny jeans
3. deep wine straight leg jeans
4. gray fluid tee
5. black silk placket-front top
6. black pointy toe chunky 2" heel booties
7. gray heather waterfall-ish cardi
8. black cocoon cardi

Warm weather as I recall from last year:
1. darkish straight leg blue jeans
2. white jeans
3. olive cropped skinny boyfriend twill pants
4. pale pink silk knit tee
5. print top: mushroom and ivory polka dots
6. gray tee
7. nude Okalas
8. champagne waterfall-ish cardi

I reach for gray tees and my black silk shirts over and over. And I'm temporarily off blazers and enjoying modern styles of cardigans.

I live in a six or eight season climate so this is a very difficult exercise. I will try to come up with my essentials for my Florida trip which I am on right now for 2 months.

This is like an early Spring season.

1/ BF jeans. Always number one for me.

2/ Burberry Trench.

3/ Long sleeved T shirts. I brought 3. Olive green, burnt yellow and topaz.

4/ Cashmere cardigan. Dark brown.

5/ Dark brown corduroy skinny jeans sized up.

6/ Denim shirt.

7/ Brown belt.

8/ Marsala Cross body bag. I have had it for years and it just happens to be the colour of the year.

9/ Denim jacket.

10/ Black boots. I would prefer cognac booties but these ones are more comfortable.

OK, I'm in. This is for winter, which is long in my neck of the woods.

1. Boots (knee high, mid calf or ankle) knee-highs are getting less love this year.

2. Slim bottom (denim or leggings)

3. Great bra

4. Cotton camisole

5. Drapey tee

6. Long cardigan

7. Warm, stylish winter coat

8. Comfy loungers (I hibernate a lot this season!)