Our weather just switched. We still expect some days in the low 70s, but our boiler in our building is now on and it was 68 degrees as a high in my office yesterday! I'm glad I've been working on my capsule since early September. That said, I'm not done yet.

This year I have a budget as always, but for the first time I'm not too worried about trying to get things at an ultra-low price. I did some calculations and I think I will be ok.

So far the plan is to carry over from Spring/Summer and past seasons:

1. hot pink button down shirt with french cuffs--- purchased this back in 2012 as part of my interview capsule (wanted something for s/s interview wear that wasn't b/w)-- worn maybe 7 times so far-- color looks good on me but not the most "natural" as I look better in deeper pink/purples or red/oranges - french cuffs a pain at work unless rolled or flipped over a jacket -- was planning to wear under sweater this year but so far all results have been bunchy- is possible shoulders and or arms are too big
2. black b/d-- same as above, slimmer fit through shoulders, almost tunic length, will try with denim jacket,warm under layer, and grey ponte skinnies
3. 3 black and 2 navy black GAP supersoft l/s crewneck tees -- layering pieces, some may need replacement mid-season
4. ON army jacket-- loved this all spring, summer, and fall-- having harder time pairing in winter
5. Speigel draped leather jacket ----- love love love this--- need to repair lining in one sleeve
6. ON denim jacket--- likewise love this-- sleeves are very long, but I generally cuff all year indoors to avoid the button issue with artifacts
7. Black poly diagonal sleeve tee blouse--- this is a favorite, plan to wear with slim layering piece underneath, however my first few attempts were fails do to color/neckline/sleeve slimness
8. 1-2 pair of older medium blue bootcuts--- I think I will definitely wear the longer pair with my ugly green shoes and heeled boots, the shorter pair is probably getting demoted
9. GAP sexy bootcuts
10. black RL turtleneck -- t-shirt weight, draped top -- looks best with leather jacket, which makes it look pretty "dressy" -- will try with distressed jeans or grey ponte, otherwise it is staying in my gallery capsule
11. black leather jacket- euro style slim from janet
12. burgundy euro sneaks -- most comfy shoes I own
13. red Miz Mooz distressed chelsea
14. olive "ugly" shoes-- very padded for long days on my feet but a bit wide
15. I also have a pair of dress oxfords (not for daily work wear) and a pair of grey sneakers I can wear inside, plus gear shoes to commute in on really sloppy days
16. ss olive rayon drapey tee -- only good as underlayer in winter

So far I have purchased and am absolutely keeping (purchased w/ tags off):
17. oatmeal tee from NAS -- good color for me, might be a size too big or just fluid fit?
18. Gap dark indigo straight leg jeans (love these so far, fit like skinnies)
19. navy white and coral scarf print blouse -- winter under layer is on order, may be a tad snug in shoulders - wondering if I should eat the money and get a bigger size or wear it

I'm tenatively keeping:
20. Gap straights in a distressed colorway a size up--- slim BFs?
21. Gap straights, black
22. Halogen zip shoulder sassy sweatshirt (blk)
23. Marled medium charcoal grey GAP hoodie (for layering under jackets for warmth)
24. Black pleione draped 3/4 sleeve blouse -- love this but wondering about how seasonal it will be-- this is probably a keeper either way, but may not work at work unless I have something warm under and or over it, otherwise it will be the warm weather gallery capsule piece

I've ordered and am waiting on a smaller size:
25. navy ON cardi---- to wear with scarf print blouse, larger size a bit big in shoulders, kinda shapeless -- we will see how the medium fits
26. olive Unliquo sweatshirt---- BF suggested one size smaller for weekend wear

Things that I'm just waiting on arriving:
27. grey ponte straight legs -- excited about these, wondering if they are a duplicate of the black jeans
28. navy blue silk tee -- this was on deep sale, may not work for winter
forest green plaid shirt -- I really hope this fits, I hope that the navy cardi also works under it
29. some heattgear underlayers
30. Burgundy v-neck zip hem sweater -- not sure about the color, know I want a draped pullover and something dark red
31. charcoal and black colorblock draped BR tee -- this may not be warm enough for our weird building in winter
32. purple and black patterned BR sweater -- hope I ordered the right size

I also have a pair of deep grey wool slacks and a pair of self-stripe rayon black slacks and the halogen ponte seamed pencil skirt in black-- none are work appropriate but are worn for funerals, interviews, gallery openings, etc. I have a white button down that I keep exclusively for interviews and funerals.

Still looking to add:
maybe 1-2 more tops
3 pair of boots
2 belts
maybe 1 dress

Things in italics are items I'm considering getting rid of, demoting or just keeping OUT of the capsule for occasional wear.
Bold items are things that may be more suited to summer.

Most of the cold season I am at home with the BF, running errands and eating casually/going to the movies, taking short road trips, or at work. I have his holiday party which was quite the cocktail affair last year, but it will be cold.

Looking at my wardrobe for f/w 2014 what do you ladies see? Holes? Excess? Advice on pieces?