Angie's mustard capsule made me think about what colour I have focused on over the last two years. For me it is RED and in second place TURQUOISE and AQUA - luckily these colours work together.

I have always like red and a number of the pieces in my capsule are quite old - but red has definitely been more prominent in my wardrobe in 2019 as I focused on adding some new pieces into the mix. My red handbag has been such a workhorse since buying it in 2017 and really has been the catalyst for my recent love affair with red. It never hurts that Angie wears lots of red and always looks amazing in it too.

My red capsule is rather large because red is one of my favourite colours and an essential in my wardrobe. I wear red and white footwear far more often than black. The bag, pumps and sneakers are wardrobe workhorses.

Aqua (and the brighter turquoise) is probably one of the most flattering colours on me - but it is hard to find, so my capsule is much smaller.

With earth tones trending, I have a few neutral items in my wardrobe and will be very careful not to add colours that don't work with my colouring - some earth tones and nude shades are terrible on me, lucky there is always leopard print!