Really trying to wrap my head around these wardrobe essentials because I think it would help me work on a more cohesive wardrobe. I started tracking my wears on paper and then somehow misplaced my notebook so I’m going off the top of my head here. Reading through everyone's posts has been very helpful--what I've sort of culled from them is that essentials for the most part don't make an outfit on their own. They are often items that are duplicated because they are useful for building an outfit. Here goes! Thanks!

Winter-skinny or straight leg jeans in blue, black or grey that can be tucked into boots. Black ponte skirt. Black leggings.
Spring/Summer/Fall: Boyfriend jeans, khakis or loose rayon pants. Black Athleta skirt.

Winter: Asymmetric solid color sweaters in cream, black, grey, teal. Collarless Uniglo cotton flannel button down in navy, olive, grey. Plaid flannel tunic in blue and black.
Spring/Summer/Fall: Chambray button down, tencel blue button down, low contrast printed white rayon blouse, solid linen tees (red, black, white.)

Winter-Dark denim shirt dress.
Summer-Black Karen Kane shift dress.

Winter-Black Athleta Puffer
Spring/Summer/Fall: Blue denim jacket, light wash denim vest.

Winter: Black Hinge booties, Taupe booties, black high tops.
Spring/Summer/Fall: Grey Converse, White Pumas, Born Sandals in black and cognac.

Winter Statement pieces:
Floral or handknit scarves
Boots (Brown Frye OTKs, Frye Veronica in burnished taupe, Black Cole-Haan slouchy buckle boots, Cognac Harness boots.)

Spring/Summer/Fall Statement pieces:
Bold necklaces in gold and silver.
Various print dresses.
Silver Born sandals. Metallic Naot sandals. Metallic Birkenstocks.