I have one wedge shoe available right now, suntiger (barring what's in storage for summer). I can try them. But if it turns out that's the only shoe the pants will good with, then they're no good to me. It's a peep toe shoe I use for dressy occasions only and probably can't wear at all right now as my back injury heals, as they have no padding.The pants have to go with my pairs of low heeled pointy toed booties, or I need to pass them on.

ETA: I still need to try them once, but things are looking less good for these pants after all this discussion. Given my current shoe limitations, which I've figured out SINCE buying the pants, these may not work, or I may decide to keep only one.. So if anyone would like one or two pairs of unused pants (I may wear the black ones once), size 14, let me know, I guess!

Oh no, may I just make another plea on their part? As a fellow pear, I know how hard it is to find trousers, and I think these look really really good on you. Very sophisticated, and dead right with pointy toe shoes that you have on. Hem them a tiny bit shorter if you like (so no risk of tripping on the hem), and enjoy with all of your fabulous tops.

bella, don't mind me. I was just feeling a bit pessimistic temporarily because my shoe options for these dressier looks are pretty limited right now, and for the foreseeable future. Thank you for your feedback!

I tried the shoes and pants in the hallway. I can walk. My husband confirms that the pants don't quite touch the floor. If this is a case of me needing to get used to this look, I am willing to try the black ones and see if I do adjust my eye. Then I can decide whether to keep just the black, keep the black AND navy, or keep neither.

Thank you all for your help!

I am late to this but I have to say the length looks darn good to me. But I hate when my pants are even just a tiny bit too short! I would try them around the house for a while with the shoes you’d wear with them, to make sure you’re not stepping on the hems in back, and if so, you can have them taken up just a smidge. I don’t know about you, but for me, such good fit in pants is hard enough to find that I’d be inclined to keep these if you do indeed have ample wearing opportunity, which it seems you do. The wide leg is classic and flattering.

Thanks, Janet! I’m going to wear them this week and see how it feels. It seems that I can walk around in them after all. I assumed not, but hadn’t tested that assumption.

This shows the importance of scrutinizing clothes when you can still return them. I should have figured all this out months ago!

On the other hand, this is now something to experiment with that I already own. The stakes are low so I should go for it.

I'm wearing these today! I think I like them - the question is if I'll reach for them on dry days.

That said, the part of the hem near the inside of my foot gets stepped on when I take small steps. I'll evaluate whether this is a big problem, and if so can hem a quarter inch. Large strides are no problem, so I'm less worried about tripping and more about dirty/worn hems.

Thank you all for helping me overthink these pants!

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Oh, lovely outfit!
Well, I don't have any bootcut or wide leg pants at this time, but I have observed this with my husband's jeans. As he wears them throughout the day, they stretch and give in a little, and then they get longer and he ends up stepping on the hem, which he hates. I would hem maybe 1/4 inch more to get rid of that problem.

Gorgeously elegant outfit.

I love them on you.

Yes, I have the same issue with pants/jeans stretching and sitting lower over the course of a day, and then the hems sometimes drag under my heel. But I am reluctant to have them tailored for such a small amount (my tailor has a habit of taking more off than I want!).

Bella and Janet - I was thinking about this and came to Janet's conclusion that my tailor will overdo it. The price they charge is fine (just $15 for hems) but do worry about them overshooting such a small amount.

Angie, such a sweet complement - thank you! I feel pretty fab today, I have to admit.

Yes yes, you were right, pants length queen!

I agree they suit you beautifully.