I have read everything posted on YLF concerning mustard with great interest and hoping to find something that would help with my dilemma.
So far nothing, so I am making one last effort with this post.
I have this pretty (I guess it is pretty) mustard sweatshirt from Topshop that I bought at the 2018 NAS. I wore it one time last fall, laundered it and have not worn it since. I think it is good quality, fits fine and the color is a good clear mustard, not muted or dull looking.
I have tried styling it with an earthtone plaid with mustard, red, tan, berry colored shirt I have and love to wear (with other things). The shirt color shows and the cuffs. I have black pants, brown, rust, neutral, denim, and lighter colors, white, etc.
The problem, no matter how I style it, when I look in the mirror, I see this excess mustard color up and down my front. Look slike I spilled a gallon or two of mustard on myself.
Do you have any ideas or thoughts? I will appreciate and entertain any you might send.
I am sending two finds which I think are probably the same color, but the sweatshirt is brighter and clearer. The color of the first find is closer to mine.