Recently a few forum members have said that they have not worried as much about traditional figure flattery when choosing an outfit. I actually have thought their outfits have been fantastic and flattering.

So I wondered if these tricks we use work or not- To my eye in the mirror they do but in reality with movement and poses it can be quite different.

I also then wondered if how outfits look in photos influences us more than we think. I can see a few outfits in the same week and some photograph so much better than others. But again this is only part of the picture. One of my favourite dresses looks very boxy in a photo but the movement makes it fun and floaty. See find below. For a party my sister recommended not wearing it because it would not photograph well. I did wear it but she was right.

Of course sometimes I think - all very well for models to be just flattering enough - on me it might be not flattering enough.... so I do try and keep that in mind.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this?