DonnaF, I remember having Chemin de Fer jeans in the 70s! Wish I still had them, although I doubt I could still wear them.

Apparently the son of the Chemin de Fer founder has started up his own line, de Chemin:

Wow, DonnaF, also a blast from the past for me. I used to wear my mom's navy wool sailor pants with the button panel just like that in the 70s. As I remember, she had bought them in Europe in the 60s. I also wore her authentic Breton wool marinière sweater for many years until it was just too damaged. Aww.

Hm what about treating them as the "juxtaposed" element in an otherwise current-Rae outfit, similar to how a biker jacket looks fab juxtaposed against an all-classic look? As others have said, no need to rush right into them. If you're not feeling them, you're not feeling them. For myself, I'm not feeling my baggier/boyfriend pairs; I'd really like to get a pair that's more fitted through the thigh, similar to the ones Angie bought. Maybe with a bigger flare. But then, I do have the glam rock 70s chick gene

Update: I tried the Mother jeans and wow, they are up to my neck! They are beautiful but I would lose way too much flare hemming them and the break would be wrong. I am expecting a petite pair in the mail also...

Just saw this outfit on Keiko Lynn. I like it - still has a 70s feel but not boho at all.

well, strangely enough, in the perpetual clothing swap some of my friends have going on was a pair of flares/bell bottom jeans. I laughed but tried them on and loved them. They're darker wash with some "wear" on the seam lines.
Waist hits me just below navel, I think, and has a wide band closed with 3 rivet buttons off to side front. The bottom hems are wide and I decided I liked them turned up into a cuff. They're not, on me, a tight fitting thigh but are more skimming and, at five feet tall, I quite like the 25 inch leg opening. I don't want my entire shoe covered, nor to wear very high heels with platforms underneath. Just a simple mid high heel is fine and I like the toe showing out. Who'da thunk it? I would have thought the excess fabric would bother me but it doesn't at all, maybe partly owing to the bit of extra weight the cuffing gives it.

I think that to really embrace a trend, you have to be in the right (emotional) mindset for it. It's ok not to jump on the trend if it's not reflective of how you feel currently.