Birkenstocks - inside pair in the house, outside pair for walking around.

I’m with nemosmom….shoes? What shoes?

In general patterns: MVP is any pair of brown leather, flat-heel, knee-high boot I have ever owned. I also get a lot of use out of any shoe or sandal that can slip on and off easily. I wear shiny leather converse as my “rain boots,” usually.

These days: Birks are my “running errands” shoes. Keens are my “outdoor hiking/ beach activity” shoe. Chacos are my indoor slipper shoe. And I have a cheesy pair of cheap high-tops designed specifically for dance cardio, after i injured my foot doing it barefoot. And…that’s about all I wear despite all the beauties in my closet

Oh wow, great question. Once upon a time it was low leather booties. Some years brown, some years black. Then it was my GoreTex waterproof sneakers. I wore them down into the ground. Now I have so many shoes to choose from!! My most worn are probably my white wellies (fresh, a necessity, modern retro). Old adidas knitted sneakers (looks ragged, but I can just pull them on over my heel, so I always come back to them).

This winter I have surprised myself by mainly wearing brown toned footwear. I'm wearing the leopard print sneakers today!

Converse white sneakers, Adidas Superstars, sandals. Now that I’m back in the office I’m wearing more loafers and my slingbacks, no boots or my new oxfords yet because it’s still very hot.

I try to force myself to wear my shoes somewhat evenly but I definitely have favorites. These sandals are in their 4th or 5th summer and I still love them and will be really sad when they get too raggedy to wear. They are easy to slip on and off and don't flop. In the winter it has to be my black combat boots - one happy part of cooler weather is getting my boots back out.

Good read…like nemosmom and Jessikams I’m kind of like shoes? Whose’s wearing shoes these days…
These are what I’ve been wearing this spring/summer…
most days it the bow tie sneakers in navy or the clogs, with the tretrons saved for special events -ie when i actually have something social…and a pair of white Nike’s that i wear for my evening walks

Like RobinF, I split shoe wears pretty evenly . Birks and runners aside , I rotate through many pair of sandals and sneakers in the summer, and boots and sneakers in the winter. I make a point not to wear the same pair two days in a row for work .Everything gets worn pretty evenly.

Inside: leopard Birdies flats. I am OBSESSED with these things. I will never buy slippers again. I will need a new pair in the spring.

Outside: Sorel Kinetic sandals in warm weather (will need a new pair for next year) and Blundstones in cold/wet weather.

I wear Birks Gizeh and Arizona all summer. I had planned to buy another pair of Birks but never found the right ones. When I am walking long distances, I wear Finn Comfort sneakers. I have two pairs, and one pair is almost worn out. I dread replacing them because of the cost.

When it gets cooler, I wear El Naturalista Chelsea boots. I am on the hunt for another pair of boots for Autumn.

Funny not funny. My most worn boot is my air cast. Broken ankle grrrrrrr.

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Oh, no! Poor you Glory!

Thanks Carla! It has saved me spending anything on fall footwear.

Oh no Glory! Heal quickly.

Putting gear aside, because that’s what I really wear most. Brooks runners and Merrell hiking boots, plus my Chaco flip flops that serve as house/garden/beach/pool shoes.

Most worn this summer are flat or platform sandals. The silver Sofft gladiators, old metallic Ancient Greek Sandals, and snake print Franco Sartos. My black ones did not get worn as much as I expected.

Sneakers get worn a fair bit: Turquoise Converse, white Adidas, and the new silver Sam Edelmans.

Time will tell what gets worn most, boot-wise as we enter fall/winter. So far I expect the DV white-lug-soled black booties, and my black suede lug-soled ones will prevail. Plus my black combat boots.

Timberland Nellie boots in camel in the winter,they are waterproof and don’t look like wellies but actually are ,so perfect for our wet ,muddy winters and in the summer, Victoria slip on plimsolls.They are easy to get on and off ,inexpensive and come in a fab range of colours

Oh no!, Glory. Poor you. Sending healing thoughts. So sorry

Carla, hands down my ECCOS and Converse. NO contest. I walk everywhere!

Cream and white boots next.

Then light blue, pink and yellow loafers.

Red boots coming out to play soon......

Never wear my sandals.

Birkenstocks in summer, black Blondos in winter - both for the same reasons: comfort, weather-appropriateness, and versatility!

I’m home way more than I’m not, so unless or until my feet get too cold, I wear my platform Crocs. Unlike the rest of my footwear, they never ever make my feet hurt even at the end of the day. They rarely make it outside however since both terrain and outfit proportions need to work with these crazy babies.

For winter, my brown ankleboots with my docs coming a close second. In summer, my sketchers sandals.

1. Ecco soft 7, navy
2. Oluakai sandals, espresso brown
3. OAS oxfords, grey
4. Aquatalia booties, snake print…navy, brown and grey
5. Birkenstock Florida’s for my house, although I just purchased some new Birkenstock fleece lined slippers for fall/winter….LOVE!