Here is my list! I go in two days, for 11 nights. I don’t expect temps below the low 60’s when I am outside at night. The fleece is for the plane and just in case - it’s very warm for its light weight.

Lugging my stuff is not a huge concern due to the structure of the trip.

I am mostly set but for a couple of question marks.

2 button downs
4 short sleeved tees (could remove one? The green stripe if so)
1 long sleeve tee
2 short sleeved blouses
2 wicking tanks for layering
5 pants
1 pair jeans (very on the fence here - likely to omit - athleta navy pants can play a similar role) ETA OMITTING
1 dress (can layer over pants)
1 jumpsuit
2 day bags (convertible pack pack can double for bringing purchases home
1 fleece
1 jacket
1 cardigan
2 pairs sneakers
1 pair sandals
bathing suit
swimsuit for pool at riad in Marrakech

not shown - pajamas, sun hat, underthings

Looking at the weather, I have decided to add some olive linen shorts (for our room
if nothing else) and switch the fleece for a lighter hoodie that can
under my jacket. The extra tee shirt is coming, but I am not bringing
jeans. I'm about to leave for the airport, so that's the final version of the capsule!


I am back. This capsule was great - the only thing was that I did NOT wear the light long-sleeved athletic shirt or black sweater because it was never nearly cold enough! The two longsleeved linen shirts were used in the mornings and for sun protection. I used my jacket and hoodie (which I swapped out for the fleece below) to the plane/when I got home, since NYC has been relatively cold and rainy.

Clothing-wise, I only bought a cotton scarf and a wallet, both handmade. Most of the clothing I saw in the souks didn't look like good quality or fabric I would want in my humid summer climate at home. I will add some photos in the comments to bump the post up.

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