I can happily say I don’t need more of anything right now . Too many plain black tops maybe and too many fashion-y sandals/ wedges/espadrilles etc - but I’ve addressed that and have no plans to buy any more . I’m becoming so much better at being content with what I have because IT DOESN’T MATTER if I don’t have this , that or the next thing . Sorry to shout

Nuance, say it ain’t so! You are a fancy pants and bright tops inspiration.

Just teasing, of course. It’s your body & life, so you dress as you like. But I do like your exuberant combos

I might need to hold off on adding more pattern for a while....but blast, I’m soooo attracted to it

More light neutrals in every category, fewer brightly colored shoes.

I have some great colorful shoes (golden yellow, mint green, cranberry red) that look great with black/navy/grey outfits, but a little out of place with the ecru/olive/rust palette I’ve been wearing lately. If I add more shoes this year, I’m aiming for soothing subdued shades; I’m not feeling pops of colour this year the way I have in the past.

No more classic shirts, belts of any kind, "might come in handy"-items, cropped trousers, poor quality knitwear. More.. hm... I do not know!

Fashintern, I am so attracted to pattern and color as well as having an strong desire for a sense of uniqueness in my outfits that I have to be very wary of potentially purchasing items, which will end up as the dreaded "wardrobe orphans." Frankly, buying solid-colored basics is so boring for me but I know I need to replenish those items periodically..

More wearing, less buying

Closet contentment is a bit elusive, tho...hence the spendies

More intention less haphazardness. Maybe .

This is brilliant: Less knee-length skirts, more midcalf ones!!

More casual dresses and easy care items, fewer dressy workwear items.

Less basics, more wildcards!

More white, less black. My wardrobe is still monochromatic but I’ve been wearing more white tops, so I want to prioritize that when shopping. (Also, more neutral bras to enable that! I only had one, and that was the bottleneck for wearing white shirts.)

More cold/cool weather tops and less hot weather tops.

I do something similar. I pay close attention during a season when I say “i could really use .... “. If I think it more than twice , I will write it down. This season it is light grey tees. In linen and whisper weight cotton.

I do the same for my sister , but in more depth. She is intellectually disabled so i handle her wardrobe.

I go through her seasonal wardrobe with her ... I know she runs really warm ... so I knew she needed more linen this year and not so many lightweight cotton sweaters. And so on. It really works well for us.