I'm sitting in the airport killing time, and I'm thinking about the fall. I have no real plan style-wise except to make sure I have some things around me that feel amazing and fit well.

Here are a few things I am considering. (Found a 20% off/free shipping code for Boden - 4P4N - which helps with cost quite a bit.)

SHOES: I need to add some comfortable shoe options to my relatively limited assortment. My feet have become fussier! I love these two pairs, but is the red just too bright?

DRESS: I'd really like a shirt dress (with a waist tie) and these are two contenders. I tried another shirt dress from Boden earlier in the summer and it was adorable, but maybe too adorable for my style. This one feels interesting but not outlandish - and I love the quirky placket. Which is better: the Boden floral or the plaid?

Any thoughts on these items?