Angie's posts are really singing my tune these days! We've had stripes, pets, and multiples all in the past few weeks. Oh my!

This really spoke to me:

There is something about the uniformity and repetition of the item weaving through my look that I find appealing. The repetition strengthens my signature style. It’s a time and energy saver, and a low-risk wardrobe addition. If something works well, milk it.

Here are a few things that I have on repeat. Like Bonnie, this excludes items for which I have straight duplications. It also excludes another whole category of my wardrobe which would be "near multiples" (black booties, white sneakers, ballet flats, dark-wash denim, white button-downs, black blazers).

I love how multiples -- and near-multiples -- help to establish consistency and wardrobe "DNA" without boredom. This is a real lightbulb moment for me!