I stalked UmmLilas jacket until it came back in. I got olive because I think this jacket " wants" to be olive, abc black jackets keep being draining on me, and maybe it wasn't in stock anyway.
Well, the jacket is fabulous and I don't think it can be pried out of my hands now. It's just the right degree of not- corporate, not matchy.
BUT olive is not a main neutral for me and bottoms will usually have to be gray or navy. But since it goes with burgundy tops , I think that may work.
I was worried about getting a cohesive look that way, but since burgundy and dark red footwear are a big part of my wardrobe, I think that helps. Also I belive in the fashion winds blowing some unifying prints. I already have as olive and black print skirt and s couple of tops with bits of olive.
So, I would plan to use a small capsule.
It also works easily with jeans and is so comfortable that I think that will help with versatility.
I struggle with the price for an unlined knit jacket but it just has the" look" that works for me and is more useful that way than a regular business blazer.
( This was supposed to be NAS category but I rechecked a box out of habit).