I like #1 and #2, with #2 being my fav.

I think 2 is a nice work dress, 5 is my second pick but I think you can do better. I am not sold on the others....have seen a couple of your other dresses that look so stunning.

Does number 2 pull a little on the sides of the chest? It seems so from the picture but if it does not then the fit is good.
I like that grey halter dress but you noticed a pucker in the drape of the skirt. Will it cling when you move?
It's worth a test drive at home if you are planning to keep it. Plus, if the puckering bothers you now that will never go away.
Number 5 looks better in the second picture that you posted of it. Maybe it's an acquired taste because we are not used to low waist dresses?
It's hard to find dresses that fit properly,
the fit, color or fabric may be wrong.
Once you have a nice wardrobe in place it is best not to settle for something that is not right.

Lol on the inner tube. But a bit of a buggrit, because I think you should be PPP here and I LOVE this dress on you in every other way.

The grey and mint dresses, I love the way they fit, but I feel the grey is washing you out. Do you wear earrings much? I think earrings would counteract the effect.

I'd take a pass on the grey maxi. May be the neckline thing for me. I think maybe the deep V says 'sunburn' to me. Don't know that this is safe to wear to the beach...

4 to me is fantastic for a more relaxed look. Flattering, stylish, cool cat.

Chiara... Wow ! That is awesome !

Staysfit... you have a fantastic figure.

What I think... I love the contrast in # 5... but not the fit- does not show you off. I think # 2 is a bit too conservative but I like the fit. I would love to see a "print" like in # 5... on dress # 2. To me this would be perfect. # 3... is just too muted for you I think. # 4... does not show you off- great color though.

I keep going back to # 5 and the print and wishing is had a different silhouette... you can do the drama in the print and show the figure in the silhouette. For example- a # 5 dramatic print, but fitted with darts (Like # 2) , a bit thicker material, maybe a slit in the neckline (not crew ).

# 1... OK... but in a print might not show up the pucker as much. I think it would bother you over time.

I am thinking "no" to all- because I see elements in all of them that are good but to combine some of them would be fantastic.

Rachy, I wish I could actually hang out at the beach in a maxi dress. I spent 7+ years working as a swim instructor and lifeguard at an outdoor pool before all the warnings to wear sunscreen. We slathered ourselves in baby oil, etc. Can we say skin cancer alert?! When I'm near water I wear SPF protective coverups, big sun glasses and wide brim hats. It's frumpy and practical!

Ha ha, for sure I wear colorful earrings, scarves and shoes. Maybe I should accessorize these and repost?

Sheila, thanks for the complement. I agree that prints with some contrast would hide some of the fit issues and they seem to look nice on me. I will keep my eyes open for them. I also like your suggestion about material and neckline.

Joyce, I'm beginning to agree that I should only keep clothing items that are 10's and I'm not convinced any of these are. I'm going to play around with some accessories and see. I see the puckering now and will try the dress on again. It may be the bra I wore, or it could be the dress. Thanks for pointing that out.

As always, I really appreciate everyone's feedback. It's very helpful! Thanks so much!

Maybe my DH has some fashion sense after all? I tried on my dresses for him and he had some favorites, and some he hated. He liked all the dresses below. Of the 5 dresses, his least favorite is the Vince, and he didn't love the pattern on the Maggy London dress but he doesn't hate it either.

I see a color theme here......

I think I'd keep all but #4. You have a very nice figure & that one just doesn't favor you like the rest do. I like the color, but I think it's too shapeless for you.

I also see a structure theme with the dresses your DH liked. Don't keep anything that isn't a 10. There will be more and better dresses.

Joy, I think you're right, there is some structure to the dresses my husband likes. At this point, I have enough in my closet. I'm only keeping items that are 10's. I'm feeling pretty good with what I have now. I could still use some dresses but perhaps not these. I'm holding onto the Vince dress because I like it the best despite the inner tube effect. I managed to loosen the waist tie and that mostly went away. Its loose and comfy and would be nice for hot summer days. It's still returnable so I'm going to hold it for a while and think about it. The rest are going back.