Hello dearest Fabbers,

I'm here reading, faithful as ever. Life just does not conspire for me to post much.

I have been intrigued by the "brown is back" mantra over the last year-or-so. Dark brown is my preferred neutral in place of black. Indeed, shades of brown have returned--but no dark bottoms I can find, from chocolate to mahogany to espresso. Bummer for one who likes her bottom half dark!

The floral espresso JJill Skirt and the dark mahogany BR track pants recently in Finds are possibilities (reviewers don't really rave about the pant fit with a wide and midrise waist--I need a high rise) but most browns are, honestly, light.

I have purchased tan, khaki, dark olive, maroon, and black to mix with brown, and I have dark brown leggings to go under tunics...but dark brown pants in particular are indeed a HEWI!

Any suggestions?