Hi all

I am increasingly relying on mood boards to guide my style choices. I think this is a development of my focus on style “themes”.

I used to use Pinterest but now I just take photos of things that interest me and keep them on my phone in different albums. I use them for both fashion and home decorating purposes (I am currently re-decorating).

For fashion, my mood boards tend to fall into the following categories:
*colour combinations
*theme or vibe (which I’ve talked about before)
*specific fashion looks or ideas that I find interesting (eg I have one for jewellery ideas).

I find the colour based boards particularly helpful as I am colour mix challenged. Colour combination ideas do not come to me naturally. I use the colour based boards mostly for outfit creation purposes.

To demonstrate I thought I’d share some of the pics from my “blues” mood board. It’s based on one of my current colour interests - combining blue, green and gold. Suntiger suggested I call it my “peacock” mood board I’ve shared some of the photos before. I really study the inspiration pics and use them to put outfits together. I can’t tell you how helpful I’ve found it.

If I’m thinking about buying something, I generally take a photo of it and see how (and if) it fits into my various mood boards. It’s a great filtering tool.

Do you use mood boards for style purposes? If not, is there some other tool you use for inspiration or are you strictly intuitive?

How do you find the images that inspire you?

Pics 1-2 some of my current mood boards
Pics 3-17 part of my “blues” mood board.

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