Thank you, everybody, for the inspiration! I'm going to stick with Woodsy Audrey for now, and as I contemplate new purchases, I'll ask myself, "Would Audrey wear this at a remote mountain cabin or beach cottage?" This will hopefully encourage excellent fit and a bit of polish. A fair portion of my S/S shopping will be gear, since I built a very happy warm-weather casual capsule last year, so I'm excited to hold myself to a higher standard w/r/t my hiking and running clothes.

Descriptors: Simple, Structured, Spritely, and Subtle Strength (thank you to Sterling for that last one, for mentioning capability and subtle power on a recent WIW post of mine).

I see you have it sorted out---I hope the Audrey is an homage to Audrey Tautou and the spirit she brought to Amélie, as opposed to Audrey Hepburn, who you also resemble. But you really evoke Amélie, in my mind's eye. As many others have said before me, regardless of moniker, your style is absolutely sublime and remarkably, consistently, YOU.

One word that certainly pops up roght away: fun!
I like that you chose Audrey to include in your moniker. It quite suits your style.

Here are more that also came to mind, for later maybe:
Jolie Gavroche
Jolie Polissonne