When I went back and read my 2022 year end post I saw I had mentioned it might be a "low shop year". Well, that was not the case (just like it wasn't in 2021). In a bit of reckoning, I collected my Finds below. Several other things are missing, which is good motivation to make sure I put all my purchases in Finds going forward.
Looking at this collection, and remembering some key moments, I feel like my "instincts" - which are actually habits developed over 10 years or so - are pretty good right now. The things that didn't work as well as I hoped were generally things I had doubts about that I pushed down.
About the good instincts... When I went to Paris in March, I realized I wanted to present a certain way. It's not a matter of "not looking like a tourist" or not knowing that there's a lot style options in any city that size, but feeling like I know how I want to dress myself in that situation/location: trendy classic. I panic-shopped a bit to get some slim straight jeans and refined-for-me boots (the last items in Finds)... but they turned out to be exactly what I needed, both on the trip and beyond. Later in the year I attended my company's leadership conference for the first time, and briefly panicked about packing - because that's what I am used to doing about business trips! But in reality I was able to pull together a great capsule of existing items, which included some items purchased for Paris and some trendier items, and felt great.
Trends: I got off florals and turned back to my lifelong love of STRIPES! The colour story was neutrals plus green, my all time favourite colour to wear. The availability of browns, green, and natural linen definitely increased my shopping desires.
Conclusion: No regrets! And a lot of fun and even joy.

I've added some photos from my trip to Paris, because they fit with the stripes theme and I love people's travel photos here

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