For fall (I live in the Northeast US), I've started to look for a new bag in a mid brown color. Ideally I want a medium to smallish classic satchel with handles that hinge down and a shoulder strap that has a bit of thickness to it but not a guitar strap style. Also the bottom width has to be under 4" otherwise I find they stick out too much and look awkward on very short me when worn as a cross body, which is my preferred wearing method. I also want to find something that is more modern classic than traditional classic.

I'm torn between a warm cognac color and a slightly more neutral mid-brown. The warm cognac/caramel color is one I absolutely LOVE, bookends my hair well, and is already somewhat well represented in my shoe/bag collection. The pieces I have tend to be more classic than modern classic. A more neutral brown would be a new color for me and I think it might look a little more modern. I did buy a bag in a slightly cool brown a year or two ago and hard ever wore it because i just don't like that cooler color all that much.

In warm cognac colors I'm seeing styles that are either super classic which I want to avoid (like Dooney & Bourke, Ralph Lauren, some Michael Kors) or a bit boho/edgy which would be ok. In the neutral browns like toffee I haven't seen a lot but the do seem to be the classic satchel styles. I've also seen some darker chocolate browns but I think I don't want to go that dark. The finds below are some that I've seen in my browsing that could be candidates.

  • What styles of bags in which types of browns are you seeing so far? ( I also want to get at least one pair of shoes so wondering which browns will be more readily available)
  • Do you agree that a more neutral brown might look a bit more modern than a warmer cognac/caramel? Or is it more about the bag style than the color?
  • It's still summer, is it too early to be drawing any conclusions yet?

Thanks in advance for all comments and suggestions!!!