I realized yesterday when I was choosing which jacket to wear that one of my knit blazers didn't feel right because it is *always* wrinkled. I'm not into ironing in my casual, sometimes RATE style but at the same time I don't like wearing things that look wrinkled either. Distressed fabric is okay to me, whereas really wrinkled is just not. This particular blazer is a cotton knit that wrinkles like crazy. Ironing really doesn't help.

Prior to this I was blaming it on the style thinking maybe the blazer part was what was wrong. But then it dawned on me, that if it hadn't been for the wrinkling, I would have been fine with it. I tried on a thicker knit blazer (with 2% synthetic blended in), and sure enough the blazer style was fine. The color happened to be wrong for the outfit, but the realization was made. I instead chose my slightly heavier weight, mixed fabric moto knit blazer and felt great in it - not just because it wasn't a blazer, but because it wasn't wrinkled and felt "neater."

I didn't think "neat" was so important to me, but apparently it is.

This made me also think about why I hadn't reached much for my linen last summer. I *thought* I was at peace with the crease, but it turns out that I'm not so much. I will wear my navy linen button down because with the darker fabric wrinkling is less obvious, but my 100% linen taupe blouse got little wear last year. 100% linen may have to be limited to at the pool or at the lake wear for me. I have some cotton/linen blends that aren't quite as bad for wrinkling.

Going forward I think I may need to rethink linen and certain cotton knit purchases overall, because it's clear now that this is something that keeps me from wearing them. I prefer natural fabrics, but if I'm buying things that I don't wear, I'm being wasteful. So I may need to have a small amount of synthetic blended in some things - esp. jackets that require structure - to make them work and last for me.

Just thought I'd share in case it might help out some others.