I am loving your minimalist outfits. Is this a relatively new hairstyle for you? I think you may be feeling the difference because of that. When my daughter went from long wavy hair to, well, a shaved head, and then short styles as it grew in, she found the balance of her outfits needed tweaking. She ended up going with more dramatic eye makeup, big dangly earrings, and sometimes a beanie.

If you want to add more gamine without cancelling out the minimalism, what about adding one slightly more feminine tweak to your hairstyle? Like a kiss curl, a gelled swoop, or little bits in front of your ears? I haven't worn a pixie since I was 8, but Angie and others have done some modifications like that.

First of all I love all your outfits. You look awesome in all of them.
About a more feminine detail my first thought was finding a colored lip balm/ lipstick.

I love your outfits and your hair. The first thing I would try is earrings - simple hoops might make a big difference. Also lip color, a bit of makeup etc. I would just try one thing at a time though because you look pretty darn great already.

Coming back to thank you for starting this great thread Traci, and for all those who have contributed to 'work-shopping' your delima. It has turned out to be a learning experience for me, too!

I also love your style and hair. YLF. As one who has always looked silly in ruffles and bows and without the figure for anything bodycon or low cut, I'd suggest shirts and minimum looks in midtone colors and delicate fabrics. Pearls!

I think you've got the gamine thing going very well! I gravitate towards a similar look. Things you could add: silk scarves, or a piece or two of jewelry that you make your own statement. A cuff or strong bracelet, or ring or brooch. Nothing small or finicky. As an eyeglasses wearer, I find big dangly earrings somehow don't work (for me). I think that glasses are the focus of the face, and big earrings make it all too busy. Also not very gamine. Maybe small hoops or studs. I think nail polish also feminizes a look, if you like it. Plus the colors now available are fantastic!

Like you I have really gone quite minimal. I find earrings, nail polish and lipstick finish my minimal looks perfectly and add that touch of the feminine :). Love your looks x

I like all your looks. I agree that you could try scarves and/or jewelry and I love Astrid's observation about using one piece with a more feminine cut.

I'm with the group, love the minimal looks. It's hard to deal with smudging with glasses. Not sure if you're looking for more color, but I've started using some tinted eye bases that have helped me feel more feminine and pulled together while still minimal and being glasses friendly.

Traci - regarding eyeliner, try using one of those very flat small brushes and powder shadow that you wet with the brush first and apply eyeliner that way. I have pretty poor eyesight (not correctable) and I use this technique daily. I have to hold my inner eyelid steady with the opposite hand while applying in a large magnifying mirror. It takes a bit of practice but it is great when you get it. Also, I would suggest a dark color other than black for eyeliner - a deep plum, ink or brown maybe?

Echoing what others have said - a touch or two of shine or sparkle, in the form of jewellery (I'd go more delicate, but that's me), lip gloss, and/or nail polish would be a great feminine touch for these beautiful, minimal looks.

I am with you on the headbands - they look so cute and I love them in theory, but I will never leave the house with one - even to the gym! I feel too uncomfortable.