Inspired by Jenn, it's mid year check-in time! 
One of my goals for this year was to keep to 25 non-basics purchases. I decided to not include accessories in my 25 either-cause they're small and my rules Accessories and basics posts to follow!
Nearly all of these purchases were brick and mortar, between boutiques and consignment (new or like new condition). I had planned on doing F5P for this year, but (like the last 2 years), I really haven't been drawn to very statementy things. 

Shoes-a goal was to develop my complements, particularly chocolate and burgundy. The perfect burgundy work sandals have not appeared yet, but good on the chocolate. My other goal was to get some transitional shoes, and yesterday I found the sandal booties. 
Brown wedges- Eric Michael, boutique-counting in F5P as I normally go for refined shoes. Steps are problematic with these!
Bronze sandals-Taos, consignment. Decent for walking, not overly casual for work. Workhorse!
Brown booties-Comfortiva, boutique. Found in May, so not really used yet (we had 2 cold days in May). 
Black sandal booties-Comfortiva, boutique. Just bought yesterday, but ok with holding til November as transitional shoes are so problematic for me.

Pants-wide full length pants was my main goal here as well as replacement ponte pants.
Black ponte-Cut Loose-boutique. Workhorses. Needed to tuck into tall boots/snowboots in deep winter.
Beige linen-Villager Sport, consignment. Need ironing I know. Will do a better pic later :p I had an idea to bring in light neutrals for spring and try "light out" outfits. I wore them a few times, but springs are often rainy. And of course they're only good for 3 weeks of the month-so low PUPY value. 
Pull on Jeans-Chico's, consignment. The buttons from the eans I bought last year dig in to my belly so much, that they're unwearable for long periods. Plus they were too low rise in back upon sitting. These seem better, but will know more when it gets cold enough to wear them again.

Tops-I had wanted to add greens, especially forest and lighter warm green. Think I had in mind layering with jackets and vests over the winter. 
Forest green t'neck-Kettlewell. Love this color!
Grey t'neck-Apt 9, consignment. Going to overdye this to charcoal when I get round to it.
Olive short sleeve-Loft, consignment. I rarely buy short sleeve tops, but they're useful in early spring and late fall. Slightly puffy sleeves.
Avocado sleeveless top-EF, consignment. I found this one after deciding to add lighter green for spring. A bit boxy but ok with skirts. 
Black sleeveless top-Elle, consignment. I wear black tops A Lot, but this was kind of an act of desperation on a hot day when I had to work late!
Burgundy sleeveless top-Gap, consignment. Exact match for my burgundy pencil skirt!

Toppers-hadn't had any goals here at the start of the year.
Burnout velvet kimono-Aris A, boutique. Definitely F5P!
Black rain cape-Raincaper, boutique. Bought for hot days with pop up storms (like today) cause my regular raincoats are too hot for summer. 

Skirts-had wanted to add a linen skirt and a sari skirt. Score on both counts.
Linen skirt-Linen Handmade Studio, Etsy. Had planned on buying a beige one, but decided this color was more practical. It definitely needs a slip, as well as something to keep it from flying open in wind.
Silk sari skirt-Etsy. F5P! I used to wear these a lot, but the ones I had before weren't in my colorway. I really like the mustard gold color! 
Black midi- Baik Baik, consignment. Swishy workhorse!

TL/DR-I bought some stuff...see