Just in case you missed that I'm part magpie. . .The MK boots are glittery chunks; not sure if that counts as metallic. The silver and the gold sneakers are a bit narrow for me so I rarely wear them since they only work with the thinnest or no socks and the temps are never warm enough for that. My Fly London sandals are silver not green, but I didn't catch the Find before they ran out of stock.

I thought I would also show my bags. The oval handled one is on its way to me. I'll have to see if it is too small or not. The Minkoff is worn in places so I should really set it out to pasture; coated nylon does not hold up. The Poverty Flats clutch doesn't hold much because it is so flat and stiff so I almost never use it. That is another one I should probably pass on.