Hugs to you, Jenn. I'm sorry things are rough. The bracelet is perfect, and I love how attuned you are to your needs in the moment. <3

Sorry to hear things are not going well for you. The bracelet is beautiful. I love meaningful jewelry.

I am also sorry to hear you are going through a hard time, and that the hard time may be your new normal. I appreciate your bracelet, and how it reminds to focus on the now. Thanks for sharing your story, and thanks for the Fresh Prince reference - it made me smile!

I appreciate all the thoughts and wishes.

you're so right when you say, "Proof that style is not frivolous." That really struck a chord, as did your comment about overwhelm and your mother's ring. It really does help to have a wearable talisman of sorts.

avicennia, I am truly sorry that you're going through that sort of experience, but I appreciate your simple acknowledgement that some crises don't abate quickly. And in this case, it's not so much something to get past, as something to live through.

That's a good one, Jenn. Not too Jiminy Cricket - or did he say this

The bracelet is beautiful, Jenn. Thank you for sharing why you picked it.

Beautiful bracelet and great quote - hope it will lift your spirit during these challenging times. Take good care of yourself.

Great bracelet and its nice to have quotes around. I keep them on my phone to look at. I also tend to wear jewellery for sentimental reasons rather than based on style. I had a necklace from a swami in India which was a symbol on a piece of string and I wore that everywhere until the string started to wear thin.

I’m sorry you are having a challenging time. The bracelet is perfect.

"Do the next right thing" is wonderful advice and will help guide you to get through and accept your new reality. Hugs.

I am very sorry to hear that your world has been abruptly shook, with a difficult path ahead. It can be very disorienting and shocking, in such a fundamental, almost cellular level. I love that bracelet and agree that jewelry can be so meaningful and soothing during these times. It's also a reminder to extend kindness to yourself, you know?

I’m sorry to hear that things are rough. I love that phrase-it’s such a good reminder. Also glad you found a way to do a bit of self care.

I am so sorry you are going through this, Jenn. I wish you strength. The bracelet is indeed a beautiful and meaningful present to yourself. It is comforting at times to wear a special piece like this. The message on your bracelet is powerful.