Liesbeth suggested I do a roundup post for May, so here it is...

Firstoff, the returns-
denim shorts in finds (these run small, and I have something too similar)
jeans in finds (too similar to the ones I already have)
and the gray and light striped versions of the ON twill pants (I kept the red and green versions- find shown is red)
Also a couple tops from Target.

The Keeps:
The red and green twill pants from ON (red find)
The lightwash denim shorts in find (now I have a whitewash denim short, a lightwash, a medium wash, and a dark wash)
The lightwash jeans and black jeans in finds (again, now I have light, medium and black for jeans that are work appropriate)
The lace sweater in finds- this just came tonight, and I LOVE it!
I also have the striped tee, the workout leggings, sports bra, tank, and active sweatshirt all in finds coming.
I am hoping this rounds out my workout capsule for the summer. I want to be able to do some yoga and/or take a walk every day and have enough gear to only do laundry once a week.
Oh, then shoes- but I'm not counting those at this point.
There were also a couple of items that I bought in store- the clip dot top, some tanks, and a lightwash denim jacket.
Maybe I should NOT buy anything in June...!
BUT I feel like the things that I did get are going to really be useful, and most were bought with a discount.