I was solidly on Team Brick and Mortar. Well, now I have joined Team Online. I will do some shopping in B & M once things open up (things will open up), but I will also continue to do online shopping. I have found some treasures that I can only find in the online world.

The first few months of the year, I was replenishing my lounge and dog walking capsule. Almost everything in that capsule ended up being olive.

For May, I started working on my upscale casual capsule. This was completely unplanned. I bought three pieces, and they are all warm coppery colours.

1/ Lululemon lightweight down bomber jacket - Dark Terracotta

2/ Power of My People short-sleeved relaxed fit button up - Copper

3/ Tradlands Shelter Cardigan - Burnt Sienna

This brings my total item purchases for the year to eight.