Suz, what a lovely idea to remember your mother on Mother's Day, which will be bittersweet, I'm sure.

I confess that I ended up ordering the beetles in earrings and pin... Again, my inner Natalie has spoken! I got the blue/green. With my current body woes, it seems like investing in accessories and footwear are my best outlets.

Oh, Suz, That's a WONDERFUL idea. The perfect Mother's Day outfit. I hope we get to see it. And perhaps you'll make good use of that belt.

Joyce, OF COURSE. I love things all the time that I don't want to wear myself.

Omg - these are gorgeous!!!! I love florals in the summer. I love to wear it from head to toe too! How I love the idea of a matching skirt and top to make a two-piece dress! <3

Suz, that's a lovely idea for Mother's Day. I really hope we get to see the outfit too.

These are fun pieces, and extra super fun worn together as a suit. I would be obsessing over getting a pair of pants that didn't have a zinnia right at my crotch, though.

You know I love this.

I think this is kind of maximal I can get behind.
Matching floral suit sounds like fun...even if it raises some eyebrows at my workplace. Or maybe they are used to me standing out by now?
Suz, this will be a wonderful memento to you Mom for Mothers's day! <hugs!>

I think I will enjoy seeing some of you experiment with this trend....It is fun and colourful and different after lots of minimalism.

SO FUN. Totally on board for more maximal (I started last summer and it's picking up steam!). I'm also more attracted to the watercolor set Tanya mentioned. Have you seen them in person? What's the detail near the waistband on the skirt? Looks a little odd.

Can totally see you in the floral suit posted. LOVE that you're considering the scarf, too. To the max!

I want that scarf...of course!

Pretty print! I wouldn't wear two or more pieces in it at one time, but I bet it will look lovely on those of you who rock that look!

Tanya, I love that print you posted. Those colors are right up my alley.

I just LOVE the Bermuda short "suit."

If we ever sell our house, we'll probably take a vacation this summer, and I'd love to have this outfit to take on a trip ....

Ohhhh the bermuda suit!! Now THAT I can get behind for myself, yummy.

Bermuda suit!! Oh, I love that, too. It would be pretty unwearable in my life, alas. Hmmm.

I would wear that Bermuda suit! Perfect for a hot walk followed by indoor air conditioning. I have almost that exact pin except vintage from Texas.

Yes! The Bermuda suit!

Love the matchy matchy look. Both patterns are beautiful. I would love to have the scarf and bag.

Wi saw the watercolour BR pants a couple of weeks ago, and they are GORGEOUS. I wasn't sure I would wear them enough to try on though.

I think that much floral in one place ( the original suit and scarf combo ) is too much for me, but I look forward to seeing you rock it! I love the Bermuda suit.


Very pretty. I will wait to see it in action. Florals and bugs I can enjoy on others. Now if it were dogs or polar bears or wolves I would be all over it.

Woohoo for the Bermuda suit!
I'm looking forward to seeing some outfits from the YLF Maximal Mavens.
Like Peri, I'm eyeing the scarf.

The shorts ARE divine. Thanks, Viv. I can see you sport the combo, and all these other lovely lades too. My always cold self is sticking to the longer cropped pants with the jacket and scarf.

What a fun print! Thanks for sharing, Angie!

I've got a soft spot for all things bright and springy lately!

Oooh, love all the flowers. I'm not a bug accesssory person either (though cute idea with the flower motif) but am charmed by all the floral pieces.

Match matchy indeed! This brings to mind a beautiful purple paisley pattern J. Crew had around five years ago. They made a matching No. 2 cotton skirt and silk/cotton blouse with this pattern. Styles together, it looked simply lovely.

I love the giant florals, and the *idea* of the blazer with a skirt (either full or pencil) but not sure I could pull it off (or where I would be going IRL dressed that way).

I did however buy a blazer from ModCloth in that vein recently -- am saving it for true Spring. Sadly it seems to be sold out, but sometimes Modcloth does restock.

Thanks for the suggestion Angie! Love the beetle jewelry especially the iridescent blue and green! That would go so perfectly with my Tory Burch beetle blouse. Will have to check it out! The matchy floral pieces look pretty too. I really wish I had bought the matching blazer when I bought my H&M floral pants several years ago. Funny thing is though, I'm not much of a blazer wearer. I think I gravitate more toward matching my clothing with my accessories (dress matching handbag and jewelry) rather than matching the top and pants. And I'm much more of a skirt/dress person as well. I actually just bought some matchy matchy floral stuff at Kate Spade since they just announced an extra 25% off sale prices (code YESPLEASE). I cleaned up on their hazy floral, which is very similar to the BR floral. Every once in a while (Japanese floral) I go nuts and buy a bunch of matching pieces from a Kate Spade pattern. I love hypermatchy!

I'd been eyeing the blouse and skirt in the lighter print (Tanya and I are thinking alike) but I LOVE this darker floral as well. I'm not sure I could get away with it at work though and that's where I'd have to wear it. Must ponder a bit. I would definitely wear the pants and jacket separately so maybe I should just do it?

Love, love, love! Reminds me of an outfit I had in the 80's

Really love the culottes and the jacket! I don't think I could wear more than one piece at a time though.

The items GoldenPig posted are equally gorgeous. Now I can't decide on which one to add to my wardrobe.