What Shevia said. And I agree about the sleeves, as well -- might need adjustment.

It's a gorgeous, gorgeous coat and just breathes luxury!

Of course, I have no idea how to "fix it". That is one great, beautiful, outstanding coat! Enjoy it. Mr. April is a Jewel, and I guess you know that.

A beautiful, elegant coat. I guess it will need to be shortened 3 or 4 inches. Hopefully, not more. The sleeves look like they, too, need to be shortened a bit.

What an elegant coat! Maybe post pics of it pinned to the length you are considering?

Knowing my own tendency to hem and haw, go into brainlock, and then do nothing, I decided just to blindly do whatever our Angie suggested.

Hence, the coat went to the tailor with instructions to hem six inches.

Stay tuned for an "after" photo.

Well done! I have a dress alteration that I have not got around to after 2 years, so I admire your resolve to get this beautiful coat altered ready for winter. You look stunning in it.

I think that will be a good solution. My gut instinct said 4-6 inches off, and I think you'll be happy with that. Let us know how it goes!

Oooh, fingers crossed and I can't wait for the pics! It's a spectacular color--it looks beautiful on you.

I look forward to seeing “after” pictures. I’m glad you went with Angie’s recommendation. She’s an expert and knows what she’s doing. The way she can see things I can’t even see…