It's not a great time to be posting about shopping, and I don't want to sound tone deaf. But I do find that looking into my wardrobe, and posting an analysis here is helping me be more accountable and conscious of my choices. So, I'm posting, and hope it will be taken in the spirit it's offered.

My purchases in March were mostly replacement items, or essentials I know will be worn:
Black jeans - duplicating the Paige's from NAS in a new color.
Pajamas - Replacing a worn out set
BR Coral Sweater - known color style and fit
BB Eyelet tee - workhorse for spring/summer, replacing a worn tee
Brown Flats - New brand, replacing a donated pair
Black loafers - Direct replacement of a well worn (twice resoled) pair.... I hated to give them up!
White thermal (no find) - replacement for a Loft sweater that pilled ridiculously

One wild card - the Universal Standard Pink Skirt. I wanted to try a new brand and this was a surprise find.

Overall for the Quarter:
My wardrobe is almost the same size, slightly smaller.
My spending is running 23% less than last year at this time.
I have refreshed less than 10% of my wardrobe.

I've also been tracking my wears this quarter for the first time. The numbers are definitely skewed since I've been working at home the last 2 weeks, but so far my most worn items are sweaters, jeans, flats and tennis shoes (have worn almost every one of these items in my wardrobe in the last 3 months). Will be interested to see if that continues when we return to the (new) normal.