She linked to them above, Angie. Here in the Finds....

Aww, thank you! It would be neat to see the color in real life. I can tell on you that it is an amazing color. It looks different than on the model, and it really looks like a different, and much better, jacket on you!

I seriously covet those pants. All great looks but #2 kinda kills me, looks amazing on you from top to bottom. And I am not a huge fan of grey generally, but the top combined with those booties, the belt and the plaid ... terrific!

These are truly amazing pants because they DO go with everything! Like others, I prefer them with a little less contrast than black, although I also agree that booties might suit my eye better than the higher boots. I really love the muted tones of the taupe boots with the soft colours in the pants, and the blue goes amazingly well. I really think you can wear these with almost anything and make them into almost any look.

#2, #3, and #4 are my favorites! Those plaid trousers are gorgeous on you. I am not loving them tucked into tall boots, however. But then I prefer my own plaid pants with booties or shoes. Nice stylings!

Sorry I've not had time to read all the comments -- I did want to pop on and say that I love the way you're styling these. The mid tone versions are my favorites. The way the pants form a bridge between your blues and taupes is marvelous. I think they work with black, too, but the softer color palette is stunning.

The jeans are so great on you that it is hard to find fault with any of your outfits. I actually really like them with pumps. I think the tan boots are ok with them but prefer it with the jacket. In theory your hair sort of bookends the tan but your hair is brighter. These are not things normal people notice in real life though. I think. I think they look great with the heels and not at all tarty :-). The black with the black jacket and white top is fantastic. Winners all around I'd say!

Oh my my! 2,6,8,9 are my absolute favorites! I also think I would prefer 9 more with black booties instead of knee length boots. The pants are so cool you shouldn't cover them up ^_^ 8 somehow works better because of the lighter shades and I like you in Iights! That's my explanation anyway

I would prefer 1 and 4 with darker shoes. I find them a wee bit top heavy. 3 works but not as well as the sweater in 5/6. I think it has to do with the lighter shade of the sweater.

Those plaid pants are truly wardrobe workhorses for you! Wow!

I'm late, but here's my thoughts after looking through the pictures: I love those jeans on you. They are perfect for your coloring and your lifestyle, I think. And versatile! That is most important, at least to me, but I feel we are on the same page here. What a great pick, Suz!

I love #2, 5, 6 and 8 the most. The low contrast boots work really well, and the taupe colored jackets, too. I also love the jeans with the light blues. I am not as happy with the black boots, for reasons already mentioned by others. I like the jeans with black, though, but I think booties will be better for the proportions.

Those jeans are perfect for you. I really like the muted colourway.

Oh, Suz, you've done it again! I love 2, 6 and 8 especially -- I love the tonal consistency, which to me lets the plaid really star, and also those three have my favorite toppers. I was not sure about the pants tucked into boots and then I decided that I really liked the newsboy effect. I'm strongly in favor.

PS Those lace-up boots are amazing.


You did it!

In your post on the last of the NAS, I asked:

Are the pants grey or taupe, because I didn't know if your Elie Tahari could work, or that may be too brown.

I love this version, because the muted colors go so well together. I also love the Thomas Mason for J.Crew tuxedo shirt (which I also have...the color is amazing).

What a great find these turned out to be! You are super at styling them.

#2 and 6 may be my faves. I like them best when you play to the softer color palette. So, the black and white don't seem to set off the jeans as much. I wonder if you did dark jacket but more muted top--winter white or gray? I agree the tall black boots don't work so well--it's more of, you have so many other ways, why use the black? The dark shirt (is it black, or ink?) seems to work better because of the "skin" --arms and legs--and pale footwear--could see that with a darker bag. Or could see a dark ink, or black, in small touches to give some edge to the overall look, such as trying the overall outfit in the soft or mid-tones with navy or black booties with a black watch or cuff or bag.

Late to the party but had to chime in to say how fab these look on you! I'm almost wishing for cooler weather so I can play with mine, but I know I should enjoy the sun while we have it #2, 4 and 8 really make my heart sing, and #8 doesn't read at all tarty to me -- but then I wear my (low) heeled tall boots over skinnies for, what, half of winter? I think that 5/6 probably read better in real life, as the pants do have a fair amount of brown in them so I'm inclined to say that yes the boots work just fine. I also think that perhaps the blue in #3 works better in person since the blue in the plaid is a bit lost in this photo. #9 works better to my eye than #1, I think that's definitely a viable option for days when you're feeling more high contrast. Personally, I'm not sure that I'll be pairing mine with much black; I am planning to primarily pair with grayish, sandy, and pastel shades.