Tex...I had some grey shorts but have gained too much weight for them. (Ooops!) They were grey khaki BF shorts from the Gap and I liked them at lot. (I'd actually inherited them from DD when she outgrew them and they were petites so it is not surprising they only fit at my lowest weight...I can upgrade/ replace in my current size.)

Grey jeans are another matter. You would think it is a no-brainer, but alas. Most grey jeans are too "dirty" in tone for me and I end up not wearing them/ liking them. I had a Gap pair a few years ago and never felt right in them. So it may take a bit of a hunt. Still -- good thought.

Sara, thanks for that. I'm not much of a finger polisher but could do on my toenails!

Gaylene, I feel similarly about European style on women of a certain age. So perhaps I am on the right track.

Smittie, love the suggestion of pattern on the bottom. I think I am similar in that regard. Hmmm.

Sterling, thank you!

Suz, you have great style, but I can understand where you're at. I agree with LisaP--a pair or two of skinny cargo jeans/pants could be a good addition. I agree with everyone on jewelry, but I'm betting that might not fill the void you're thinking.

While it might not be an immediate find, I am thinking you might add a unique jacket--lightweight perhaps. If you could find it in one of your neutrals it would be fresh without screaming and feeling like it doesn't belong in your wardrobe. I feel like clothes that are super unique stand the test of time! Hope this helps!

I'm thinking: texture

... and one really luxurious sweater. Maybe batwing...

... and a Movado.

Lots of excellent advice, and I totally agree:-)
Your sophisticated colour palette, gorgeous hair and haircut are a statement in itself, Suz, as are your strong sense of style that comes through in everything you wear.

My first thought for adding visual interest was also:
- earrings (some bolder, chunkier, geometric styles perhaps?)
- a beautiful statement bracelet (love the one above!!) that you can wear in the Summer months (even one of these would be enough as long as you don't get bored with wearing the same one often - it could become a signature item - or you could mix it up and find several
- when wearing essentials in solid colours: finding some pieces with interesting detailing (self-texture, sheer or silk accents, an eye-catching design detail,...)
- scarves
- when the weather is cool enough, a great third piece like your gilet (perhaps try to find similar feel-good items that are more casual so you'll be tempted to wear them in less dressy settings).

Suz- I hear you on the "dirty" grey jeans - I have the same reaction to most I've seen. I might like a pair of textured med-charcoal grey shorts if I could find the right pair.

I don't have any suggestions, you have already received a lot of great ones. I just want to say that you always look very current and stylish. Your hair, bags and shoes definitely give that look and the way you combine things also. Your belts always add a touch of "now" too. It is harder without a third piece, I struggle with that too. What about more vests and cooler toppers that can be worn on all but the warmest days? I'm thinking about how great that gilet looks on you.

My piano teacher used to tell me that there's beauty in simplicity. In other words, a song can be beautiful without being overly complex. The same can be said for one's personal style. Wear what you love, and don't worry if it's "simple." Add what you feel comfortable wearing, but don't stress about it.

Suz, add me to the list of people who think you have great style, as is. Although you hadn't been posting as much lately, so maybe we haven't seen your evolution to simplicity... not that I'm saying your style might have declined :), more that I may not be seeing what you are.

That being said, it's not really about what we think of your style, it's what YOU think of your style. And if you are feeling like you are heading into boredom, then you aren't happy... regardless what we think of the odd outfit that we see you in. And I certainly get that it's hard when you want to wear as little as possible in the summer months. Or is that month

I noted that you didn't mention scarves... I've always thought of them as a signature thing for you, and you wear them well. Perhaps add a few more in statement colours or patterns?

I wouldn't force the jewellery, you've obviously tried and it's not your thing. Might be worth noting what jewellery looks you are attracted to, though. For example, I have a friend that often wears a long smallish necklace with tees in the summer. Totally elevates her outfits, without looking forced. My long necklaces were heavier, which were great for work, or for winter, but just didn't suit a tee. So I put that on my list of things to look for a few years ago, and (when I remember!) really enjoy wearing it.

I'd also suggest keeping your eye open for patterned summer blouses. If you're wearing just a few pieces, keep them interesting. I know, easier said than done, esp if you also want to avoid poly. I look for geometric patterns.... I like very limited florals, or patterns that seem "twee".

You have jeans and shoes sorted. I think keeping up with these will
keep you looking current even if you wear nothing but white tees on top. Esp with the HAIR!

Worry not, dear Suz!

A few jewellery pieces I could see on you.
(COS, for example, is always worth a look when you are after geometric pieces with simple lines.)

(I'm thinking of the white version for you, but for some reason the Finder doesn't let me collect it in white, hence the link above.)

If you're interested in exploring earrings/bracelets/necklaces further, just shout, and I'd be happy to have a more thorough look around

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Well, I've always thought you had great style, but I really think your hair is such a beautiful, dramatic statement. My thought would be to add a couple more statement rings. Mine are mostly inexpensive, but they do seem to add a lot to an outfit. I recently found a large, silver shield ring at Kohl's ( I don't imagine you have one in your neck of the woods?) that packs quite a punch. Another thought is a large, leather cuff bracelet (I believe I've seen you wear the Nickel and Suede earrings? She also sells chunky leather cuffs. I think the silver would be a slam dunk for you!)

Suz, I too have silvery hair and I love wearing gray jeans. Finding the right color gray (no yellow or green, just true silver or gray) is a real hunt!

This Lands' End pair in Surf Gray has been a go to for me all winter and I see doing it through summer, until the darn things wear out. My size is no longer available or I would buy a backup pair. Maybe it would work for you.

Suz, I also think your style is pretty fantastic as is. There is nothing boring about it, and you always look modern and up to date to me. If I was you, I might just enjoy my essentials and save what I might spend on trends for when some new one inevitably captures my heart in future!

I think you have great style!
But since you ask for suggestions, here are a few:
- soft scarves with prints including some of your best colours. Wear them in "new to you" and "current" ways
- stone or tiny "pearls" bracelets in different colours. Wear 2 or 3 together. The elasticized ones are easy to wear, stay put and will usually not make any noise when you write
- one or two statement rings, in silver or with a beautiful blue stone

These items can be found at relatively inexpensive prices many places. By the way, try looking in museum shops! They often have beautiful and interesting accessories that are not seen everywhere, and at reasonable prices.

I view anything well-made and well-fitting as a statement piece. Of course, it might be more of a whispered statement than a full-volume statement! But these days, those 2 things make clothing stand out to me. And a good haircut also! Now I'm wondering if I'm more about the non-statement.

Xtabay - wise words! (Incidentally Suz you check both those boxes impeccably)

Right on, torontogirl, Suz should be a spokesmodel for well-fitting clothing and fabulous haircuts.

Sharan, thanks for the votes of confidence!

Angie, thanks for the bottoms options. I think I could use a patterned bottom for summer. I will be on the hunt. I suspect your gingham pants would be too warm a fabrication for our weather.

Dana, I love jackets. I wear them a lot less in summer, alas, because our weather is too hot and no air conditioning where I live.

Rachy, great idea to focus on texture. Often I forget that element.

Inge, great suggestions -- thank you. I am beginning to think I need a lightweight kimono type topper. And need to think again in terms of outfits and not just individual pieces.

Robin, the vest idea is a great one. Summer vest, summer vest...

Kerlyn, I am definitely in the market for a silver statement ring. I already own the Nickel and Suede cuff! In white, in silver, and in gold.

Author Linda -- you understand exactly about the right grey. I will check those out.

Elizabeth -- my go-tos in previous summers have been patterned blouses, but I'm not feeling the patterns as much any more. Except the usual stripes.

Torontogirl - thank you!

The Cat -- yes, I was thinking I'd add some elasticized bracelets to wear with my watch because they don't clank around! (How did you know that would drive me nuts?)

Xtbay -- you are so right about fit...super important. Also, you and TG are making me blush!!!

I'm back. I think the fear with classic style is always veering over the line into the merely conventional. What prevents that is attention to detail, refinement. That's why I was thinking texture, paying attention to that.

Also, going the continental route embodies attention to detail. I thought this was an interesting link about the difference between European and American shirting: http://www.manuelracim.com/blo.....Qjq3jxHaEc

I think of a continental fit as more shapely, more closely following the body - but not in an angular, stiff way like the British. The lines are softer, more delicate...

Your uniform sounds perfect for your life and area. If you want to add interest, add a scarf or interesting jewelry or footwear. My scarf collection often comes to my outfit rescue when something is needed and they don't take up much room. The Vivianne Files blog is mostly basics in neutrals with accessories added, if you need inspiration.

I"ve been thinking about this all day - which is clearly a way to avoid doing what I should be doing. I'm not saying anything new here, but I really believe that a classic look like yours IS just that, and when you enhance with nods to trends - as you do- you've reached the pinnacle of success. True to yourself, clearly on-trend, and responsibly and thoughtfully purchased. As much as I suggested the third pieces be nudged up into statement territory, I can't help but think lots of jewellery etc is just not you. That would be like suggesting I wear more button up shirts to move my style into classic territory. Ain't gonna happen.

Suz, you look stylish to my eye...unless you're bored with how you look....why change it?

That being said, how about a new lipstick? And I love jewelry, so that's an easy suggestion for me...but I never wear jewelry at home LOL. And I hate working on my computer while wearing a watch or bracelets.

I'd say your uniform sounds pretty perfect for your needs. And you can always add scarves - not the mass-produced kind but one-off by an artist you like. I buy mine from Tanya from Silk Scarves Colorado on Etsy. Hmm, I just noticed she has a webshop outside of Etsy: http://silkscarvescolorado.com.....ves/Colors
I usually give her an idea of what I want colorwise and in terms of the vibe of the outfit, and she comes up with the perfect scarf for it. She can paint on different qualities of silk (I prefer charmeuse) and various sizes so it's all seriously customizable to your needs and wants. And if you don't care for Tanya's style, there are other silk-painting artists on Etsy - you might find one whose style meshes well with yours.

Suz, what Angie said. I think your style is plenty trendy and statement-ish. You are in a happy place.

Re trends: based on what we saw here last summer (which, from the sounds of things, is pretty similar to what you are seeing over there), you might want to consider the following (and of course I am filtering with my own preferences):
*summer weight culottes (maybe you already have some?)
* floral. We had some lovely floral wide leg pants here and floral culottes. Just yummy. I have invested heavily in floral skirts, which were widely available. I know you said that patterns (other than stripes) don't speak to you. If you can't find any that you would like to wear as a top or bottom, maybe just a summer weight floral scarf?
*high necked short sleeve bell sleeve or flutter sleeve top (not too fussy, there are more streamlined versions around)
*choker neck top (like my one in Finds) that has a shallow "V". I am small of chest, and long of neck, like you, but Angie approved this style for me and said she would wear it herself And it is very of the moment.

Re accessories: what about an interesting/statement clutch? It is an easy way to add interest to a summer outfit (when you can't layer). And clutches are often inexpensive.

Brooklyn, that's a great idea for the top style. I need to find one, pronto. I notice that SarahtheWhite had a couple in a recent post. I also like the idea of summer weight culottes, which I don't yet own.

Alexandra, those are beautiful scarves, and I love the idea that I would not see a million other people wearing them! I do enjoy scarves when it is not too hot for them. In our summer weather, they're not wearable (at least by me!)

Cheryl, it's not that I am bored. I just feel I'm lacking that extra zip or punch somehow. But I will get there!

Lisa, I am sorry (or happy?) I kept you from your work! But yeah, you are right -- telling someone to go against their style DNA is kind of pointless. I DO like jewellery, though -- just (mostly) not necklaces, or necklaces only for special occasions, not while working at home. Earrings, however, are another matter. With jewellery, though, it's more that I lack the confidence to know what will work on me. I need practice. I need to shop with a girlfriend who "gets" jewellery and knows my style. So...when is your next Toronto visit?

It's hard to come in after so many good ideas! However, I would add that fushia/hot pink has always been a signiture. Furthermore, the colour can be in a trendy item, or not. Angie's 'sour brights' - green specs, yellow coats and bags, classic items in tomatoe red - are a part of her signiture.

I think of a palette of blues with white, silver, cranberry, and fuscia as your signiture.. Splurge on a Hermes scarf, or less spendy - a cotton neckerchief in hot pink. Maybe a spring coat in silver.

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There are common threads in your style and mine, even though our descriptors might be quite different. When we all discussed essentials a while back, Angie made the wise comment that my essentials make up my statement look (not sure exactly how she put it) and the same is true for you, I believe. Your clothes have a certain integrity - the sum is greater than its parts.

Many people above captured my thoughts. Especially Angie's comment about finding that little bit of avant garde. To put some of it in my own words: if, somehow, things feel flat, find versions of your essentials that have that little extra something. Find the interface between classic (which you do so well) and experimental (like your hair).

For me, accessories don't solve the problem when my style is feeling flat. Not that they are a bad addition, but that I'm happiest when the style factor comes from my essentials rather than accessories. Then again, I can easily picture some minimal but creative silver pieces adding to your look (and my own).

And like everyone else, I think your style comes through loud and clear!

Agree that your hair is a statement now, but I do understand the desire to sometimes have another statement. I do think your silver footwear is more of a statement than you realize - how often do you see anyone else wearing metallic footwear in real life? I like the idea of the one (at a time) statement piece of jewelry. For me I feel most myself in hoops, but I am sure that is related to the shape of my face or hair or something. I have a large selection of interesting thrifted jewelry that I will show you when you visit ! Right now I am thinking belts for you - or maybe even something along the lines of a corset belt, which I want to try if only I had a waist!

You are all so smart and kind! I am having fun loading up my online bags with goodies that I will consider in the sober light of day (and bank balance) but I do think I'll be following a combination of these suggestions.

Shevia, you'd be surprised how many people around these parts are wearing silver (or gold) shoes. Although I do admit I get a few stares. And I can't wait to see your collection! More on that soon. We actually thought (for a minute) we might get there earlier than originally planned, but then reality set in when the points fares disappeared or skyrocketed. Oops.

Greyscale, thank you -- what smart observations. I think you are absolutely right. My style might be a bit more classic than yours but likely only because that's what I can find around these parts (or online that can be delivered to me). You have given me a good thought to chew on. I need to broaden my shopping. It's possible J. Crew's potential demise will actually do me a bit of good -- forcing me out of my easy reliance on the preppy version of my essential and into some store (but what store?) that stocks a version with a bit of a "twist" or something different. I think I need to city shop more often. I can also see you in some simple silver jewellery, and myself, too (well, I already wear some) -- but I agree that in the end, the clothes themselves need to make the statement. It is significant that I was curious about Everlane and pleased with what I got from them. I know you've done well there so that told me something right away.

Carla, those fuchsia and silver pieces made me smile right away. I will be on the lookout. I have a pair of silver culottes in my Zara cart.

Ok. Now I want fuschia Chucks and a fuschia tote- why is the brand name not in my brain? That brand , which I will bolt awake with it top of mind in about an hour - needs to make a handbag version of their iconic tote . Then I'd really buy one .