I am still crushing on this color, which is almost a HEWI because most blush colors are much warmer and peachy.

It is JFE compared to medium-dark colors, but is better than most shades of white, so is a very useful nearly-neutral.

I know there are other fabbers who have elusive colors or ones that aren't typically done in certain items--like the BR citron coat.

I am still "collecting" it, mostly trying to have something in different categories--shell, cardi, pullover--and also feature it in scarves. Scarves are also more flexible, since bits of warmer blush in a print work in the palette; but for solids or larger expanses, the cooler blush-mauve color is important.

Have not pulled the trigger on the blush clutch, but it was in my cart before Angie showed it! I had searched by color. Wonder how the color translates IRL. I could use even a cool beige. But, may not need another clutch.

Another not so HEWI color I've had trouble finding is a really good teal. Just not seeing "my" shade of it much this past year or so.

Over to you--what HEWI colors are you currently "collecting"?