Oh, thanks for sharing! I’ve been intrigued by them, but heard that for some folks with wider eyes, the lashes are too narrow or they don’t bend along the natural lash line (instead lying straight.) Did you have any challenges getting them to “fit”?

I’d also recommend gently curling.

If it’s the brand I’m thinking of, I believe they have a variety of lash lengths to choose from.

I've been mildly intrigued by these too , but also have visions of them sitting half-off and me not knowing it. I can't imagine that cutting them is going to work - you'll get stiff, thick ends. Yes to curling them .

The bending along the lash line is a little tricky but doable - whereas I never had any luck with the regular kind. The one thing about this is you get as many do-overs as you need. As for length... there were only two versions on sale and just one set to the package... I think I’ll have to go online.

Ah, lisap! I trust your knowledge. Curling it is. Re them falling off... lol, right now I can see them at all times, so I will know if anything happens! Hahaha! But yes, the thought had crossed my mind not to wear them to work... can just see a customer finding an eyelash in the middle of their bread...