Has anyone tried the lug sole Converse? I’m looking to upgrade my sneakers and was thinking about ordering some custom leather in white with black soles and a tiny bit of black trim. I think the white would look good with my hair but the darker sole would ground them a little. I have an old white canvas low top pair that are falling apart and a navy pair.

Pics #1 and #2 are the custom Converse I’m thinking about.

Pics #3 and #4 are others I tried and didn’t like.
Review of them follows:
Pic #3 is made by Cloud, very light and comfortable, but too sleek for me but might be perfect for someone else. Rachylou here’s a pic of me wearing them in #5 since you were interested. (forward foot is the Cloud )

#4 are Vionics and almost impossible to get a foot into, especially with the risk of my feel swelling, and slip in the heel.

If you have the lug soles I’d like your review and would love to see them in an outfit? Or if you have other suggestions please let me know.

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