I’m in a video shoot tomorrow. I hate hate hate being in front of a camera, especially video. Did I mention I hate it? I saw test footage from last week and I look frumpy, pudgy, and old. I was wearing black Athleta cropped Brooklyn pants and a plaid shirt, typical of my “walking around photographing” wear. It was pretty darn unflattering on camera. And oh my god, my neck and chin in profile are, ugh, I just cannot even look.

I’m trying to forget how I look and simply concentrate on the content that I’m sharing, because that’s what’s really important, but I confess this has shaken my confidence.

The shoot is outdoors, in the harsh light of day, but hopefully not bright sunlight. Temps will be warm but I’m hoping we’ll wrap before it gets so warm that I start sweating. I’ll have my camera slung across my body, the way I normally carry it, to demonstrate some things, which doesn’t help flattery. And we are poking around rusty, possibly oily surfaces of train cars, so I can’t wear anything I might worry about staining.

I am thinking of perhaps wearing full length pants instead, for a little more flattery factor, and praying that doesn’t make me too hot. I prefer to cover my arms on camera too, but I’m realizing that I don’t have much in the way of summer-weight, arm-covering solid-color shirts that are neat enough on camera. Everything looks sloppy and wrinkled. I’m quite sure there’s not enough time to shop for something today. And I sure don’t have time for a facelift before tomorrow, LOL. I’m actually kind of regretting agreeing to do this project, even though it’s an honor.

Anybody have some good advice for helping me off the ledge here? I’m going to be extra attentive to hair and makeup tomorrow morning, and try to be mindful of camera angles and controlling my facial expressions, which tend to look exaggerated on camera. But I need to seriously find some peace and confidence in the next 24 hours, somehow. I welcome suggestions.