I live in a 4-season climate and wear boots in three of those seasons. I could easily wear JUST boots from October through April although I don’t go quite that far. When I look at my bootie collection (aka ankle boots), I see a very small collection, mostly black, some western and classic styles, a little suede. I want to add "refined" style(s) next. I'm looking first for a dark red or burgundy pair. Below are three I’ve recently received for consideration and my thoughts about them…would love you hear your thoughts about how to identify a bootie as “refined” and any other suggestions!

The black and cognac ones are what I already have .I'm not into cropped pants right now so I'm not looking for mid-calf booties although I might consider them if the perfect pair came along

1. Halogen – this one seems refined to me because of the glossy leather and the dark stacked heel and to a lesser extent the pointy toe. I really like it. Unfortunately, the front squeezes my toes in a painful and deal breaking way, but I think the style is a good representation of what I want. Tried two diff sizes but both have the same toe-squeezing issue.

2 BP. This boot is not as refined, in part because it’s a rough leather, and also I think the woodgrain heel also makes it a little less refined. Maybe the round toe also makes it feel less refined. Super comfortable but a lot like what I already have except for the color. I could easily just keep this one....:-)

3 The Bella Vita looks a little more “tough” or outdoorsy due to it’s shape and the suede collar. Doesn't feel very refined to me.

So, the Halogen is really the only one that fits the descriptors I'm looking for but the fit is a no-go. I've seen some nice boots in Angie's top pics recently but none of them are available in burgundy... so the shopping continues...:-)