This is what I get for sticking to my budget and being disciplined, I guess...I've had the CK Galice (1st find) on my Nordstrom wishlist for a while, but I have a disproportionately large selection of dress-up office wear for the amount of time I really need to wear it, so I held off ordering it. Now I'm starting to put together outfits for a conference I'm going to next month and a pair of navy office-appropriate flats would be the perfect shoes, but the Galice is sold out in navy in my size (10).

The only possibility I've found so far is another CK pair, the Gailia (find 2), but I'm not sure about the little peekaboo feature on the sides. I've looked online at Zappos, DSW, Nordstrom, and Macy's so far and haven't found any other contenders. I'd prefer a pointy-toed flat, but loafers or smoking slippers are possibilities, too, as long as they don't look too weekend or winter-only.