Union suits are snuggly one-piecers, like long John jumpsuits, with a trap door. There’s nothing to slide up or down while you sleep, and you can make a middle-of-the-night potty run and not freeze your upper half. I can’t tell you what features distinguish a cute one from Uncle Bob’s (besides a good-looking model who knows how to pose), but I like this one. Unfortunately, it’s 95% polyester.

I’ve tried searching the web, but there are two factors that seem to elude the search engines: a one-piece item and sustainable materials/production. The results I get might have one of those, or maybe the other, but generally don’t have either. Add on top that I’d like it to be attractive, and that’s 3 strikes, I’m out.

Can anyone help me find a cute one from sustainably sourced materials, available in Europe now or the USA around Christmas? I’d like to keep the price reasonable. The polyester one is $45, so maybe €60 for good materials? Please & thanks.

Inge, are you up to the challenge? Cute, gender-specific union suits in sustainably made fabrics for a moderate price?

PS searching the web brings up a lot at Amazon. I don’t buy from Amazon

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