Thanks slim cat! I contemplated wearing the outfit with the purple tights that I posted in the forum recently, decided against it. Your comment makes me think that was the right choice.

I'm seeing this a little late so you may have already found a job. I was looking for a part time retail job back in 2017 and was in the same boat...I had no idea how to apply. But I did go into the store and chatted with the assistant manager, who told me to go online, but she took my # and the store manager called me the very next morning.

Where do you live? I've worked in retail a lot in my lifetime, so I can definitely give you the scoop on some of the major players. I currently work 1, 4 hour shift a week at White House Black Market and have worked there on and off since 2017. For retail, I really like it...and the perks are amazing.

Astrid, that's really interesting to hear - I was going on what I'd read over at Ask A Manager, so it sounds like some of those comments are out of date. Makes sense that hiring conventions would become more uniform around the world thanks to the internet etc.

Hope your lead is still promising, fashintern!