I’ve been enjoying everyone’s recap/looking forward posts, but please forgive me for not responding on all of them.

I’ll try keep mine brief. LOL

Last year I made an attempt to step my dressing game back up, after a sluggish pandemic 2020. Well, I bought too much, and a bit too optimistically, and now I have some really lovely things with cancelled plans and nowhere to wear them. Maybe Christmas 2022?

Nonetheless, it was a year in which I settled into my style a bit more, adopting just enough trend to feel current, yet true to myself.

Color wise, I’m feeling low-contrast color palettes, keeping with my usual dark neutrals and cool/jewel tones with a bit more grey mixed in these days. Silhouette-wise, I embraced a bit more of the cropped length pant and jean, and figured out how to style it to make me happy. I remain committed to midi and midaxi length dresses and skirts, especially for warm weather. I had a tough time finding skirts and dresses this year to suit me (colors and styles not very much to my liking) but managed to get a couple.

I finished growing out my natural hair, which is now my dark cool brown base with plenty of grey sprinkled through — and I resumed visits to my hairstylist who has helped me cultivate a new shag cut. I updated my eyewear too. I’ve also been working on better skincare routines, and have been resuming wearing a bit more makeup than in 2020, focusing mainly on eyes and brows, since the lower half of our faces is still covered with masks a lot of the time we are out in public.

In the new year, I want to focus on:

- Less shopping. I have more than enough and I like most of what I have. I do use shopping as therapy and it’s been that kind of year. I’d like to dial it back to 2020 levels.

- Letting go of what I’m not feeling anymore. Sometimes it’s hard for me to know whether I’ve truly fallen out of love or it’s just a cyclical shift. The pandemic has also rendered some things very un-useful (I rarely carry a bag now that requires my hands to carry it!) but it won’t last forever, right? But I anticipate some future editing sessions. Outerwear, handbags, and jewelry are things I really should take a good hard look at editing.

- Continuing to hone my own style. I’m not feeling particularly beholden to trends, although I like looking current. I will continue to adopt the trends that appeal to me, but I’m more and more secure with each passing year that my instincts serve me well and I know what I’m doing when it comes to my style.

Some of my MVP purchases for the year are below in Finds.

Well, not so brief. But basically just getting all this down where I can see it later and hold myself accountable!

Happy holidays to you all! May 2022 bring us all peace and joy.