Wow, Aliona, that is disappointing! It certainly hasn't been my experience. I finally caved and bought a charcoal Le Pliage large tote (with cognac handles) as an extra travel bag/ tote during NAS. I didn't really think I needed a tote because I have two from Danier (black embossed leather and one two-tone bone/ black) and both are in heavy rotation during my travels.

But I did think a waterproof bag that would work with my grey puffer coat would be useful. It would also be a great additional travel bag (due to its fold up nature).

And guess what? Now that I have 3 totes (and one fashion knapsack and one gear knapsack), the Le Pliage bag is the one that is getting all the use, and this despite the fact that I really do not care for its lack of structure, being a structured bag lover at heart.

I would agree with everything Gaylene said. For my purposes it works fine for work -- but my work is academic and arts related exclusively now (i.e. relatively casual); this bag actually looks "dressy" compared to most on view. It is super durable, waterproof, lightweight.

I put my computer in a sleeve and carry it along with charger and pouches of my other things (makeup, glasses, etc.) and don't have too much trouble locating things. I don't care for the way it collapses into itself if not absolutely full. But then I tend to carry so much that this isn't an issue. I put a clutch inside, as you do, for travel, and use my clutch as my purse at the destination (if possible). I have also used it as my SOLE weekend bag (during the temperate season) on a weekend I visited with Una, Runcarla, Michelle, Merwoman, & co in Toronto. I had a complete change of clothes, toiletries, dressy clutch, PJs, computer, extra shoes, and all other needs in that bag!!! And carried it around with me for hours!

I really love the Neos you have shown -- in the pebble, the magenta, and the blue, actually! I would purchase one.

I don't think you will be able to put your computer vertically in the large tote, so if that is what you are hoping for, it's not the bag for you.

I have been following this, with no advice. I have a knock off LePilage, that I got for $20, suits me just fine :). And another on the way...

I have always struggles with the handle colour on these, as I'm not a brown person in any form, so the Neo was always the one I was most interested in. Nordstorms doesn't ship Longchamps to Canada, so I was just checking out their main website, for fun. This is a long story to
get to this... I discovered that you can totally create your own! Pick you bag size, colour, strap colour, strap length, the whole nine yards. Might be the way to go for other non-brown handle fans.

ETA: Sorry, spoke too soon. Looks like you can only personalize the strap colour on the leather ones, not the nylon. Sorry, I was excited for a second

Aliona, a defective handle in such a short time is definitely odd. I'd certainly get in touch with the company for a replacement or repair.

My Le Pilage bags have stood up to years of toting heavy loads without ever having any issues with the handles. That said, my sister did have the handle tear off her Le Pilage look-a-like quite quickly. She bought her bag at a discount and didn't check it very carefully. It was a very good imitation, right down to the embossed design on the leather.

I have been astonished at the sturdiness of mine -- truly. I carry a lot in it, and no sign of problem.

I have found the cognac handles to be less of a fashion problem than I expected. This surprised me because I don't have cognac boots or other accessories. But I don't mind mixing brown, charcoal, black, navy, so perhaps that is why. On the whole, it just seems to work okay with what I am wearing. If anything, it is the gold hardware that sometimes catches me up in composing outfits.

I have been considering one and would want the real over the shoulder handles, not just cross-body strap, so I guess that means large. But like Suz, I really want structure in a tote-more for sort of business type use than a travel bag--so I'm conflicted. I've browsed a lot of leather totes and just have not heard my name called. So still thinking. Also love the dove or pebble color-- but feel I would likelly choose the practical black. But a dove-oyster color is something I want in a replacement summer handbag.

I'll confess until I joined the forum I had never heard of Longchamp bags. I now have 2! I do agree the lack of structure can have me rumbling around in the bottom of my bag but I now carry a couple of pouches and it solves the problem. The first one I purchased was navy and the small size. It is great for shopping, running errands, etc. Before Christmas I purchased the large charcoal one. Fabulous and just as Suz says. You can use it to tote an enormous volume of stuff for a weekend or day trip. I love how light these bags are which are a huge selling point for me.
I am also in Canada and I purchased both of mine from Costco online. They don't always carry them so you have to check back.

Suz and Gaylene, you're absolutely right, I should have returned the bag, there's no doubt it was defective, and I understand that can happen with every brand. I bought it at Neiman Marcus, a store I don't usually shop at, and which isn't close by, but I imagine they'd have replaced it. When the strap gave way, I was just so incensed at having a second fail with the brand that I didn't feel like carrying its useless carcass all the way back from Europe. So I bought a cheap tote to see me home and binned the Pliage at the airport. I'm afraid I just don't think Longchamp offers the right price-to-quality match for me personally. I have a couple of Tumi bags that I wish would fail because they are so dated, but the workmanship is impeccable, and I know they're not going to spill my stuff all over the street.

I love my LePliage ... I totally thought it was an overpirced splurge (I asked for it as a b-day prezzie) but it has earned every penny. Definitely a highly-practical workhorse item, and great for travelling. I shove a laptop in there, or the kids water bottles, or overnight stuff for travelling ... it's great. I was not sold on the brown accents at first, but now I like that they add an extra neutral into my outfit. Plus I can switch out from black to brown shoes/boots and it always matches without looking "matchy". enjoy your search and whatever bag you decide on!

I bought a white Le Pliage and within a month, it had tiny holes in the bottom. It also got dirty fairly quickly, and running it through the wash had not effect. That said: I am still very happy with my leather Le Pliage. It cost an arm and a leg, even on sale, but it has been such a workforce, and can fit my laptop, usual purse items, and even gym clothes. It's also lined, and has a zip pocket. Good luck with your decision!

ahhhh, but thisssss! Black patent handles AND purple print!