Try the trenches on with the dresses and shoes you intend to wear with them. I like the Kate spade best. It looks like it would look best over dresses. The fabric still looks a bit stiff but it looks neat and the fit looks okay. The Tibi is a pretty color but I think the fabric may always appear light and wrinkled which isn’t great for formal events. You must absolutely love the fabric or it will drive you crazy and you won’t wear it. The Burberry is of course nice but seems really different from the other things you’re choosing which makes me think maybe you might not like much about it besides being a Burberry. Keep trying. I think if it’s “the one” you’ll know when you put it on. The boots are definitely too wide in the calves.

This morning I retried everything over a midi dress with heels. The Hobbs looks surprisingly good over a midi dress even though it does not provide good coverage at the bottom. The same is true for the Burberry, although the coverage is better. It hit a few inches below my knee, lower than I originally thought. DH has decided he does not like the collar of the Kate Spade. It’s clear he is not in favor of this trench. He is also starting to question the Tibi as being a shade too bright and dark; and he wonders if the coat is “sleek” which he knows is one of my key style adjectives. He thinks the Burberry is “conservative”, which may be his word for boring, but it’s hard to tell. It could also means he loves it. He claims not to have opinions!

Staysfit - it is a real dilemma. From going back and looking at all the photos, my preference is still the Burberry, the cut is beautiful on you and the quality evident. If the Burberry comes in navy, is that a colour that would appeal to you? Navy is a classic colour, whilst a Burberry coat is conservative it is a classic that stands the test of time.

However, for the money of the Tibi or Burberry (even if reduced) it should be love and not less than perfect. Buying an expensive trench should always make you feel just that little bit special each and every time you wear it. I know my 12 year old Burberry still holds that little bit of magic for me and I don't want you to settle for anything less than that especially when looking at paying for an expensive trench.

Staysfit, in relation to your latest update my vote is to keep the Hobbs and send all the rest back. The Hobbs is the only one that is true love and it sounds like it might work better over longer hemlines than you initially thought. I would say keep looking for a longer trench while evaluating whether you truly need one from a functional point of view. (Like: how often do you go to events where you need to walk more than 3 blocks AND it is raining hard enough to need the protection of a trench? How much would it cramp your style to wear a shorter hemline on those occasions? Do you own shorter skirts/dresses that you could wear then or is your dressy capsule truly focused on midis/maxis? How many of your dressy bottoms look acceptable with the Hobbs?)

Did you see this Rachel Roy blush trench? It looks pretty sleek, pretty colour for you too


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I haven’t seen that Rachel Roy trench, thanks Neelie!

SarahD8, your thinking is on point. The Hobb’s seems to go with all my pantsuits and with jeans. It’s a little shorter than I like for my sheath dresses but it may be okay to use while I keep looking. My formal dressy capsule is focused on longer length dresses, either midi or maxi length. A friend I trust is coming over to give me an opinion about the Burberry color and length. It know it’s the right length for the majority of my work week dresses. It may be long enough for my slightly longer midi skirts as well. It didn’t look bad with the dress and heels I tried this morning, so it may be okay for my more formal wear although neither of us like when coats are too short over a dress. The Kate Spade and Tibi are going back. The smaller Tibi is still a possibility. I may head to the mall again with my friend to see if we can find anything.....

I like the grey one on you best. Next the one with contrast lapels. The bright blue one doesn’t seem to fit.

I don’t know which is which... I think you look amazing in the last darker one with your colouring; I just see YOU really clearly in that colour. I also think the second one with the plaid lining is cool - but it’s interesting, I find you blend into the coat a bit.

Thanks Rachy, and JAileen, my inclination now is to hold the Burberry while I continue to look for a while. I was looking at the measurements of the Burberry Chelsea coat, and it looks smaller in the torso and larger in the hips making it more of a fit and flare shape like the Kate Spade. It may also be a few inches longer. This one I have now is a Kensington. The Chelsea comes in a dark navy, and I’m trying to decide if I can wear that? I think this is the longest Kensington model, 41.5 inches, I need to measure the length to be certain, the Chelsea is 44.5 inches. The Tibi and Kate Spade are 50 inches.....

I loved the cobalt for a cheery color but I now love the last one better for fit and everything...but depends on your needs a statemenet vs a neutral color). I don't like the one with the tweed around your face.

Ah, boots are a beautiful shade and goes great with the charcoal coat, -but too loose on your legs(from behind).