So I stopped at the Loft today to buy the outfit shown. My goal was to buy the entire outfit and to wear it exactly as shown with black heels.

The red top and red skirt were on sale at my Loft (with an additional 40 % off the sale price). The red shown is a beautiful blue red (something I can wear with ease). In real life, the red is more of a tomato red. Tomato red is not my best color but I can wear it. Although I tried it on, it didn't make my heart sing and I decided against it. I think it was the color that made me hesitate.

I tried the shirt on as well. It is nice and long and soft. It draped really well. The shirt is full price. The shirt was perfect in every single aspect except it was not as opaque as I wanted. My goal is to avoid sheer blouses from now on.

I thought I could find a simple white blouse and walked the entire mall for more than an hour and a half. Everywhere I went, the blouses were all varying degrees of sheerness. I think the Loft shirt was the best of all of them, but still not quite right. I'll keep looking now that I know what I want.