Think Goldilocks.

Alone in the woods, one step ahead of the Three Bears.

Searching for white denim................

I've tried on the Loft Crop Flares in my usual size, but they did this "squeezy sausage thing" on my ------- wait for it ------ knees and upper calves. I've had this issue with this season's skinnies, too, even though the skinnies I already own are fine! I'm actually 3 dimensional, you know, and my knees need to bend (Despite the fact that I'm a fairytale character).

I ordered them a size up, but........... They're a bit too big, giving me a bit of a tummy fabric pooch that's not me, honest! I've not even eaten the porridge yet!

So........Those of you who own the Loft Cropped Flares, or other Loft denim: Do they stretch like ON, or mostly keep their original dimensions?


Goldie ISO the perfect White Knight