So, so good. Super photos.

Great color and love the waves too.

Nice! I feel like you have enough of your natural colour in there to mitigate the Little Mermaid effect.

Looking good Rachy- I love it

yay! looks great!

Great look.
It’s like Ariel landed in Seattle
Now I’m tempted to get color again

Gorgeous, both you and Lilypup. Now I want mermaid hair.

I really like this on you!

Rock & Roll Princess!

Gorgeous hair and the picture with Lilypup is smashing, brilliant smile!

I love it on you!

Seeing as your hair isn't made of plastic, I think you're safe on the Little Mermaid thing. It looks great!

I love it too!

Gorgeous! I don't think it looks Little Mermaid, but I'm not sure I'd recognize said mermaid if I bumped into her. Haha! Anyway, both pictures are so pretty, especially the second, where you and Lilypup look so carefree!

What an awesome look! I have to laugh about the Little Mermaid son had a big crush on her when he was little and I'm pretty sure it was the hair!

What a treat to see your beautiful smile! You look amazing in this cut and colour! I love it on you.

I'll bet Lilypup's wagging her tail now at all the attention.