Lisa P, you asked for examples in the blog post yesterday, so I thought it easiest to show you this way. These are wrap-front tops, or drape-front tops.

  • Very fluid and surrender the waist
  • They have architectural appeal
  • Good look for those who are short-waisted and/or want to conceal midsection bits
  • They can overwhelm a small frame and narrow shoulders, and slide around the body
  • Fab or broader shoulders
  • You almost always need to size down

This is Shevia's favourite style of blouse, and the wears it with the best of them.

I like the concept, but can't find one to fit or stay put. I've had two that looked fab as long as I didn't move. Had them altered to fit better too. They still slid around my narrow shoulders until the cows came home - Eventually, I will have one that fits well when I move....

Hope that helps you and others.